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  1. That worked, sparker. Thanks!
  2. Of course. Here you go. Log.txt
  3. I am sure there is something I have missed, but I have waited for much longer than 2 minutes and with recent airframes, the test never completes correctly. Sometimes it shows FAIL LO until I press the test button again and turn it off.
  4. The green HUD unfolds and remains just below and to the left of the glass pane it's supposed to be on as shown in the picture.
  5. I just started the plane up and went through what I believe is the correct FMS procedure, but when I tried to send the Vspeeds, they sent for a moment then came back with the message VSPEEDS DESELECTED. What causes this?
  6. It seems like even with ATS engaged and the thrust levers fully forward, I am still not producing as much thrust as the magenta marks indicate. At FL400, I continued to slow until I almost stalled because the thrust would not increase with the levers fully forward. Have I done something wrong?
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