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  1. I'd recommend making a dedicated post to this. The developers have been really good about getting to them. Good luck!
  2. I've heard this has been an issue with people using ShaderX. Not sure if you have it or not. I don't have any shader plugin's and I can use non-HDR with perfect alignment on the HUD.
  3. My biggest beef is the size of the yoke (in VR). It's about 75% true to life. Other than that most of the other things are very accurate.
  4. The 2 options in the plane settings audio tab are Default or The Audio Interface for the computer. Both choices of course still causing the checklist readback to go to the computer audio. All default audio is selected to the Valve Index. All other sounds come through the headset as well.
  5. Weird! I do not have this issue in VR
  6. I can zoom fine in VR. I get an arrow pointer left and right when over the ZOOM button. Turning a knob will not zoom in.
  7. I fly in VR (Valve Index) and when I use the checklist, the audio for the read backs goes to the computer vs the headset. I’ve defaulted all audio to the headset; the computer, XP, VATSIM if I’m using it, and even the audio menu in user preferences for the CL60. It changes nothing. The strange thing is, when using the quick turn checklist that has the “robot voice” vs Toto in the normal procedures, that actually does come through the headset. Any ideas? PS: I have noticed this happens when using better pushback on some Zibo liveries too, but not all. What am I missing????
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