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  1. Awesome. Not a huge deal and always happy to see how quickly your team responds to issues big and small.
  2. Great work on this plane! A joy to fly - just like the SR22. I noticed that the CLR and ENT button on the pilot-side Garmin display are missing their click spots. I cannot click them in VR or non-VR flight. Thanks for your hard work on this great product.
  3. It works! Also looks like some attention was given to the fuel selector, as it's much easier to manipulate. Thanks so much. Flying VR in this plane is fantastic.
  4. The plane has a free-cantering nose wheel, so you can’t steer it with the rudder pedals (unless you’re at higher speeds on takeoff/landing). You have to tap the toe brakes to steer the plane. There are some great YouTubers that show how it’s done.
  5. Not a problem. It seems that more people are trying out VR, and a lot of developers are giving it some real attention (IXEG, X-Crafts). I must say, other than the starting position your plane performs quite well in VR. I have a few picky issues - but nothing that prevents me from flying. Great work!
  6. Here are the coordinates that I use (in the vrconfig file) X= -0.267 Y= 0.660 Z= -0.013 Hope these help. They seem to be a good eye height (although I have never sat in a real Cirrus) so I don't know how high the glare shield would be compared to your eye height.
  7. Update: I spent several days wiping and reinstalling all of my X-Plane files, aircraft, and scenery. The TBM 900 works now with no issues.
  8. Also for reference I have attached a log after I started XP and opened another payware airplane (the Islander). Log.txt
  9. So I actually unplugged the Rift S (and made sure the drivers were updated), removed and reinstalled my audio driver, and made sure that my sound setup hadn't changed. I still got the exact same issue. I have added two new payware planes in the last week or so (and haven't flown the TBM in that time), so I am suspicious that something has changed my setup. I am tempted to wipe my install and start clean. It might get me in the air again. Log (2).zip
  10. Thanks for looking into this. I’ll give these a try and keep you posted. Very much appreciated.
  11. Here you. Sorry about the leaving the last one unzipped. Much smaller log file this time. Still the same extremely loud wind noise, and when I tried to quit after loading, the program hung. Hopefully the log gave you everything you need though. Log.zip
  12. No luck with deleting the content of the state folder. The log file is 121,959 KB and full of lines like below: 2020-06-30 19:07:05 TBM900[wav.c:681]: Error performing alSourcef(0x100A) on WAV burn_low.wav, error 0xa003. 2020-06-30 19:07:05 TBM900[wav.c:681]: Error performing alSourcef(0x100A) on WAV burn_inn.wav, error 0xa003. 2020-06-30 19:07:05 TBM900[wav.c:681]: Error performing alSourcef(0x100A) on WAV burn.wav, error 0xa003. 2020-06-30 19:07:05 TBM900[wav.c:838]: Error performing alSourcef(0x1022) on WAV burn.wav, error 0xa003. 2020-06-30 19:07:05 TBM900[wav.c:681]: Error pe
  13. I went to fly the TBM today and upon loading, there was an extremely loud sound (similar to a loud wind or fire sound). Muting all sounds in X-Plane (including turning off master volume via the XP sound panel) did not stop this sound, nor did re-loading the plane or creating a new airframe. The only time the sound stopped was when I loaded a new (different model) plane in the sim. This occurred when the plane was in its cold and dark state. I tried uninstalling the plane and reinstalling it - still with the same issue. When I uncheck the TBM plugin in the plugin menu, the sound stops
  14. For sure! That’s not a problem at all. I dropped the suggestion in response to the initial call/ask for suggestions related to VR and their airplane in the post - perhaps hoping to have it added to the list for future versions. In the meantime, happy to mix in a little 2D work as well (I use it for Better Pushback anyway).
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