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  1. James ( @severniae) has been leading the 'technical' charge on this, so I would nominate him to be the contact with @Goran_M in Discord. Thanks to everyone for making VR part of the ongoing conversation. Great community effort.
  2. Good catch on the OVR Toolkit. I will have to give that a try.
  3. That's my biggest problem these days: My day job getting in the way of my hobbies. LOL
  4. This plane does that - so usually about a minute out, you get the TOD 'ding' followed by the VPATH notification with the pink VPATH diamond. At the same time, the thrust reduces and the plane pitches down to follow the path (again, honouring any ALT and SPD restrictions). I'm pretty sure you could fly it almost down to the threshold like this, although I don't think it will land itself!
  5. I am definitely not an expert, but I think hitting FLC will tell the plane to descend immediately. When I setup for VNAV, I simply set the desired altitude that I want to descend to (the plane will honour restrictions, so I usually set it to the base altitude on the final approach if I am offline), leave everything else alone (plane is usually LNAV1, ALTS or similar with ATS on and VANV button activated) and one the plane hits TOD, it begins to descend. Very similar to the 737 behaviour in my experience. Again, I think the FLC will cause it to descend to the dialed-in ALT immediately.
  6. This is great to see everyone working together and helping each other out. It's also great to see us VR users working with the devs. This is what makes us keep coming back to support a great product.
  7. I have HDR set to 'ON' in my sim. I haven't tried it without. I compensate by turning down reflections and shadows off. I also have AA quite low and AF off.
  8. I remember one of the developers mentioning that (when in 2D mode) the viewpoints were set in such a way to replicate the eyepoint of an average height person - so basically you are seeing the plane in proper perspective as if you were actually standing in front of it. I wonder if that is affecting the VR eyepoint?
  9. That’s interesting. I have not experienced that. Can you reset your head position in VR settings and fool it into thinking you’re standing when you’re actually sitting?
  10. Nice! Great to see us Canadians sticking together! Don't know about your station today, but we have plenty of wind and snow and cold here if you want some.
  11. Exactly! I definitely wasn't saying this plane had modeling faults. It's beautiful in VR. However, some other planes on the market...
  12. I have to say that this plane is leaps and bounds ahead of some planes when it comes to VR. Nothing is worse than being inside a cockpit and seeing how out of proportion eveything is (small/huge thrust levers, weird flap handles, etc). Just hopping in with a VR headset would make some developers probably laugh out loud!
  13. I think some of us (myself included) are using the Zibo profile for the Bravo. It seems to be working (ALT, HDG, IAS all function). As for lights, I don’t use those as I fly in VR. Throttles, reversers, flaps, spoiler all function as well.
  14. I have tried using the plugin menu and it works for removing/adding chocks (and I forgo using the hand signals for starting engines). However, when you select the phone or fuel via the plugin menu, it brings up an empty window with no options. I know the development team is aware (they have been very upfront about the VR capabilities) and I have established a workflow that seems be adequate for using the plane in VR. I typically do everything in 2D (start in the FBO, walk to the plane, do most of the checklists). I only go into VR once the passengers are inside and the door is closed. Also, when I am flying, I don't use the sat phone to call the FBO (it doesn't work in VR) and I wait until I am on the ground and through checklists to call the FBO to pick up passengers (otherwise they will still be on the plane next time you fly if you leave from the same place). This workflow seems to be good for me, and I know that over time they might look at adding the ability to access windows (fuel, cell phone, etc) inside VR. The hotpots tool is a good one. Especially for creating one near the door and maybe another near the lights/PA controller in the galley. It seems a good number of us fly in VR and it's always nice to see developers out there give it some attention. With the lower(ing) cost of VR hardware and capabilities of systems increasing, I would guess that more and more people will pick it up.
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