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  1. Hi! Reinstalling GPU drivers seems.to have solved the issue. No more CTD on the last 3 flights. Freddy
  2. Thx :). Looking forward to the update then Freddy
  3. Hi! I am very happy with this product, BUT opening the main setting menu in SMP, resets my choices in the cloud art settings (Cumulus, cirrus and overcast) back to default-- Also want to get back the option to disable cirrus entirely. Freddy
  4. Hi!, No, only 2 connected, and x-plane is running on one only. Freddy
  5. Hi! See logs. Any ideas `? Freddy Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. Hi again! Removing XPUIPC dows not solv the tripple monitor issue. Freddy
  7. Hi Goran! Attached is a fresh log file. I got the exact same error as ZE1011. Crash only happends in triple monitor. Running single monitor without issues. Freddy Log.txt
  8. Hi again good to know will take a testflight asap Freddy
  9. Hi again! Nothing mentioned rgd the terramax issue.. still working on this? Freddy
  10. Hi! Thx for fast feedback.. Great to know you are working on a fix :). Freddy
  11. Hi! See attached log.txt.. Seems like a kernel issue from the log. Issue was not existing with X-Plane 11.30. Freddy Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  12. Hi again! Short notice: work-around: Load default cessna 172, go to desired airport, let terramax load textures (set it to auto), then disable terramax pluging from x-plane plugins menu (not terramax menu, but enable/disable plugins menu), load TBM900.. This way you can still fly with e.g winter textures without reloading error. Freddy
  13. Hi! See attached image. Any solution for this soon ? Freddy
  14. Hi! Error is still present with TBM v 1.1.3. Terramax keeps reloading textures non stop, leaving X-Plane hanging while loading. Freddy
  15. +1.. works with 2 monitors ore more Freddy
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