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  1. Hello! Thank you for the profiles! Really enjoying them here. However a small suggestion: I see that the on/off position for many of the toggle switches are set according to the actual physical switch in the cockpit. I find this a bit “confusing” as it requires some initial setup of the quadrant and yoke before loading the aircraft. (E.g the GEN switches are set reversed, meaning when physical switches are down (OFF) on the yoke, they are ON in the aircraft) I know it’s an easy fix to change this in the profile. My suggestion: Use the off positions of the toggle switches on the yoke and the throttle to set switches in aircraft to off. Freddy
  2. Hi! ok, nice find! I will try my zibo profiles and eventually iron out any errors and update where needed :). Freddy
  3. Hi folks! Just had my maiden trip with this excellent aircraft. However I noticed the need of some programming in the Honeycomb profiles. Before I start this, wanted to check here if someone already is on this task ?. Rgds Freddy Wilhelmsen
  4. Just re-subscribed.. and sent an email to adress you mentioned Freddy
  5. Hi Cameron!. I see.. Well.. please tell me what to do then?. I thought i unsubscribed to general news.. not discount codes
  6. They said we will receive a discount code in email.. still nothing here.. Freddy
  7. Hi! Reinstalling GPU drivers seems.to have solved the issue. No more CTD on the last 3 flights. Freddy
  8. Thx :). Looking forward to the update then Freddy
  9. Hi! I am very happy with this product, BUT opening the main setting menu in SMP, resets my choices in the cloud art settings (Cumulus, cirrus and overcast) back to default-- Also want to get back the option to disable cirrus entirely. Freddy
  10. Hi!, No, only 2 connected, and x-plane is running on one only. Freddy
  11. Hi! See logs. Any ideas `? Freddy Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  12. Hi again! Removing XPUIPC dows not solv the tripple monitor issue. Freddy
  13. Hi Goran! Attached is a fresh log file. I got the exact same error as ZE1011. Crash only happends in triple monitor. Running single monitor without issues. Freddy Log.txt
  14. Hi again good to know will take a testflight asap Freddy
  15. Hi again! Nothing mentioned rgd the terramax issue.. still working on this? Freddy
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