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  1. I noticed today that even without volumetric clouds I had lower fps than with V4. Might switch back and compare.
  2. Weird indeed! My slider is set around 20k, which I don't think is very high. I did reset my NVIDA settings to default and lowered AA and get better performance now, but I still get the occasional CPU spike, but not as often. My only guess is that it happens when the weather updates. Would that make sense?
  3. Edit - doesn't seem to work. Makes no sense. It's the CPU time that jumps up not the GPU, btw.
  4. I figured out the answer - around 71,650 square kilometers at 30,00 feet. That's far! Pretty sure my frames would dip pretty low at that setting lol
  5. Thanks! I'll give it a try next time it comes up and report back. I appreciate all your help.
  6. I also seem to get FPS drops in cruise, not sure the length of the flight is related -I rarely do flights over an hour. Weather will be exactly the same and go from 30FPS (I have it locked there) down to 20. I figured it was when the weather was downloading or something. Plugin admin just shows Skymaxx eating up a bunch of frames all of a sudden.
  7. What would you say the best/most realistic setting for cloud area coverage when flying between FL250 and FL310?
  8. Yeah, I tried that. For now, the work around is just to go back into flight configuration and change the weather back to automatic. It's a very strange bug and doesn't happen every flight. I can't figure out how or why the sim changes from real world weather to manual by itself. I have RWC set to automatic when not using FSGRW and FSGRW external injector when I am. I have decided not to use FSGRW, what a waste of $50. Using FSGRW, I don't get turbulence and the weather pops in when it reloads. Part of the reason I got Skymaxx was because the weather doesn't reload like it does with d
  9. The issue is, I was having this problem with Skymaxx and RWC ALONE. I got FSGRW thinking it would solve the issue.
  10. I'm doing a flight this morning and encountered the same problem again. Weather changes to manual and shows storm in the xplane weather settings. Convinced this is a skymaxx issue again. After disabling skymaxx things go back to normal.
  11. I'm cruising at FL270 in the middle of no where and it's 7:00pm local and absolutely dark, yet I can see the clouds as if they're lit. Is that normal?
  12. Just in case, here is my log.txt. There not being any clouds is not the problem, the weather didn't call for any clouds. When necessary, it draws the clouds just fine. I had another idea - perhaps it was this XVisability LUA script I was using. Perhaps that was messing things up. So, I deleted fly with LUA and did another flight this morning. Everything seemed to work out okay. Must have been that. I'll do some more testing today and make sure everything is okay and let you know if not. In the mean time, please look at my log.txt and make sure there's nothing out of the ordinary
  13. Here are those screen shots as requested. I was able to get the correct weather back by stopping FSGRW and reinjecting the weather. It seems to start out fine on the ground but changes sometime during climb or cruise. I noticed in the default XP weather settings it's suppose to be on "from customer METAR" but changes over to "Manually Configured" at some point which is what causes the issue. Just another note, this happened without FSGRW (I bought FSGRW to see if it would fix the issue and give me better wind aloft) and PilotEdge does not inject weather. So I think it's safe to assume
  14. I use Skymaxx pro with RWC and have noticed some weird weather conflicts. For example, the weather will be clear skies and beautiful, yet I am hearing thunder and even sometimes seeing rain. I look at the default xplane weather and it shows stormy, which must be why I'm hearing thunder, yet there shouldn't be any. Okay, I thought, maybe if I up my game and get FS global real weather. That should fix it, since it's injecting the weather into xplane. Nope, same problem. It's even showing up on the weather radar, yet there isn't (and shouldn't be) any storms. What's going on h
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