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  1. Hello, I noticed this several times, but it starts to be boring having to de-ice an aircraft by 13°C OAT. Even with high positive temperatures where the aircraft stayed for one night (9°C this morning, 13°C this afternoon (LFQQ) when I load the airplane (persistant mode) the wing is covered by ice. We hadn't negative temperatures here since one week. What is the "logic" ? Regards, Philippe
  2. New flight today with the same airframe. 14TH stage valve working fine, but SUPP GND WING ANTI-ICE test still failed. Followed exactly the same preflight procedures as during the last flight. Without any documentation (QRH, FCOM,…) it is very difficult to solve any failure and understand how the systems work. Very very frustrating. I tried a Go-Arround at arrival, it was a total mess with the virtual co-pilot. He retracted my landing gear on short final (2nd landing - landing gear was retracted during initial go-around, and deployed during the second approach) and was still doing items during taxiing to the gate. Regards, Philippe
  3. Thank you very much. This FMC is not intuitive at all. Without your help I’ll have search for months without finding it. Best regards, Philippe
  4. Thanks. Today I’ve been able to modify the RESV value from the PERF page. Yesterday it wasn’t possible, despite the fact I followed the exact same procedure… strange. Best regards Philippe
  5. Hello, Where is the TCAS Test command ? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Philippe
  6. Hello Dirmer, No. This afternoon’s flight was with the same version as yesterday. I did the latest update this evening after this flight. Regards Philippe
  7. Hello, Today I did my flight preparation as usual (Career Mode) following exactly the procedures provided. During the After Start Checklist, I had two issues : SUPP GND WING ANTI-ICE failed, with FAIL LO TEMP light illuminated after 2 minutes. Following the checklist, I discovered that the 14TH STAGE ISOL VALVE test failed also (Valve didn’t close even in the Study Bleed Systems menu). I flew the same airframe as yesterday, and followed the exact shutdown procedures at the end of the previous flight. I checked the breakers and didn’t found any of them popped out. As I don’t have the QRH, It has been impossible for me to solve the issue, and I had no other choice than continuing the flight, which is quite unrealistic and frustrating. My first question is : are these two failures linked ? And the second is : what could be the reason and how to solve it if it happens again on my next flight ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Philippe
  8. Hello, First of all, congratulations for this amazing piece of software. Absolutely stunning. I have an issue with the FMC Fuel reserves I would like to discuss here. When I try to set the reserves during my preflight (Perf/Fuel MGMT) the 910 KG reserves (which I think is the default value as I’ve never been able to modify it) are displayed in big font, and any manual entry is denied by the system saying « No Entry Allowed ». The issue is when, for example, my reserves are 545 KGS like today (FINRES + ALTN). It leads the FMS to display a « CHECK FUEL AT DEST » message all along the first part of the flight. Is there a way to modify the Reserves in the FMC ? Best regards, Philippe
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