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  1. Think I've found something. In the descent as the P2 gets to APU/PACKS transition he selects the "BLEEDS OFF" selection on the ENG Perf page, this only leaves TO as the available thrust setting and disconnects the ATS. If I reselect 10TH on the bleed and re-select CLB thrust setting I can re-engage the ATS in SPEED mode. This is very different to how it worked in the previous release and maybe a bug.
  2. Since the 1.61 update at random points in the flight the ATS drops out and cannot be re-engaged. What's changed with the ATS logic? This did not happen with the previous release. Also, if there is an ATS disconnect in-flight, how do I re-engage the ATS? Pressing the TOGA button in-flight comes with a heap of problems (including automatically starting the go-around checklist)!
  3. Hello Hotstart, Since the latest update 1.5.2 I can't sem to get the aircraft up to M0.82 in the cruise, this seems to happen at even at light AUMs. I'm pulling about 97.8% @ FL370-FL390 N1 continuously and this is hurting fuel perf as well. At present I am at FL390, ISA +6, N1 97.7%, GW 15750KG, and she only seems to get up to M0.81. Have you changed either the thrust values or drag values with this update? Thanks for such an awesome product!
  4. As the title says. Can I have some guidance on the CPDLC setup and implementation on the Challenger 650 please? Many thanks.
  5. Goran, I've been flying the HotStart TBM for ages now and she's a beast!! I can confirm that of the 5 airports I've visited in the last 24Hrs (TBM was parked for a while) there was no Localiser for any ILS. Xplane version 11.50 Navigraph Data 2012. I've got a few hundred hours in your TBM and I'd be very happy to help with beta testing any updates. Keep up the great work guys and yes some of us here understand just how long updates can take especially on an ever evolving platform.
  6. Yep sound is still way off. I've done a lot of flights in and spent a lot of time around the Islander, I grew up on the isles of Scilly. It's really missing that buzzsaw of the 2 blade prop and the way the lack of prop sync gives it that magical harmonic so distinctive of a pair of lycomings just very slightly out of phase. It should be a fair bit more throaty at low RPM. The IO-540 is one of the best sounding motors in aviation. The default Baron is a lot closer to what the Islander should sound like in my opinion, although it doesn't have that buzzsaw at T/O power. Little more work needed! The rest of the update is very welcome and it's still an utter joy to fly. Keep up the good work and get them sounds fixed!!
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