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  1. Download link for SR22 is missing in my account. I can download anything except SR22
  2. It happened to me for the first time today. Instead of population flight plane page I have chosen to use DIRECT TO button. After that ENGINE page become only accessible via flight plan
  3. Life is not fair! LOL Nobody is forcing anyone to buy this product. All of us who bought didit willingly and fairly!
  4. I lot airplanes in real life have free free castering . The best way to ago about is to use deferential brakes and power.
  5. By the way, there are artifact followed after XP11 crash and disappear after restart. Could be XP beta or TS. I would check some C++ memory leak or accessing protected area
  6. XP11 B16. Crash happens toward the end of destination KSFO-KRAL direct at 12000 ft Log.txt
  7. Any of you guys have a luck refiling oxygen tank via load manager menu?
  8. I'm looking at SR22 TM according to aopa "test flight" article useful load with full tanks is 496 lbs. Even with two big guys CG should be withing limits. However if I load SR22 with full tanks and two people I exceed maximum wight. So my question since we can't choose pilot/pax wight what pilot is weight assumption when we load people?
  9. Also lean engines all my life, but I have never used auto assist. Explaining general theory of leaning doesn't really give insight in auto assist
  10. Here is how it works for me. If you loading first time or changing livery: 1. Load default 172 2. Load SR22 3. If XP11 B16 hangs go to 4, if works go to step 5 4 Quit/kill XP11, restart computer go to step 1 5 Enjoy SR22
  11. I have loaded 4 people I only see pilot and rear left passenger. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong?
  12. I agree G1000 reflection is not realistic
  13. Seems like all my CTD and engine problems goes away if I load default 172 first and then any version of SR22. I tested several time in a raw now
  14. You start sound like my mechanic ! That why I still have plastic air vents LOL
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