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  1. I have just installed new version of IXEG along with new beta gizmo. However, every time I load aircraft cold or dark tiller rotates on its own left and right, which create small lateral movement of the aircraft. It's been working without any problem over the years and now this oddity manifest itself. I'm using laters non beta XP11 version with experimental model "on". I also use TM Warthog and CH rudder pedals. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. So we do not need to reinstall anything? Just wait and see?
  3. hello? developers? Now 4 days left..
  4. Hi, I opted to install gizmo beta after installing BN-2 Islander and now I'm getting message that it will be expired! What does it mean? Where do I get a different version?
  5. Yet you can add it if you want it.
  6. It's been a while. A lot of new projected announced as well. Is there any foreseeable update in the nearest future ?
  7. Any plans to retrofit GPS and add avitab?
  8. If my memory serves me well APR must be engage for GPS LPV guidance.
  9. sdflyer


    Still it would be great to see temporary 11.41 version It's a shame XP11 doesn't supply rain ice effects as stock feature MSFS2020 has both rain and icing for all aircraft by default! Don't ask me how I know (not from the public sources)
  10. I have RTX 2080 and also struggle with bad fps. At some point FPS gets worse than FF320 which is heaviest addon for fps ever on my PC. I hope you guys figure something in next updates
  11. HI, I decided to purchased G5 and installed it to BN-2. After installation I have notice significant fps drop. Is there any way to optimize it? Also I own real G5 that is installed in my 172. I have noticed that power button in your version doesn't work. In real life short press on power button goes to brightness menu (bar below PFD). I used this a lot especially when I fly at night . From the right seat perspective G5 is very dim, and when brightness is set to auto so I always adjust it manually up. Will you implement those features at some point of time? Thanks
  12. It's ok as long as your work on it!
  13. A lot of improvement with the sound the patch yet there are still some problems. I haven't flown an airplane in my life yet that I could hear sound of elevator trim while engine running ! I believe it would be a case for islander . IN fact, I have purchased my first ANR headset after flying twins because they were to loud! In BN-2 1.0.1 a trim wheel make very loud sound with engine running. In turn engines are way quieter ! I also don't think sound of knob GNS530 knob rotation could be heard either! Anybody else noticed that?
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