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  1. Some good people on another forum helped fill in the context of why / when / how on the product and why it was released beta only. Apparently, 11.50 full release isn't far around the corner now, and some of the technologies that take advantage of the improvements 11.50 brings could not be practically made for current version. I can confidently go buy it now (and many others could have as well, if not having to ask).
  2. Yes, but with the GCS functions not working, does that mean we can't navigate and use the G1000 completely?
  3. Thank you for clarifying the differences. If that is the only major thing, and it works in 11.41, then why is it necessary to indicate on the sales page 11.50 beta only? Could have saved yourselves and your customers this extra aggravation by writing "11.50 beta only required for advanced features". That's potential lost sales there for those that don't ask, or extra forum posts like this one that could have been avoided.
  4. Edited with update information: I was a little miffed that the SR22 was released for 11.50 Beta only; a full product release on a testing platform rather than stable didn't make sense to me, as that implies the SR22 is also a Beta. Taking away access to a good majority of simmers who work on a stable release wasn't encouraging to me. However, some good folks here and on Facebook helped clarify the situation with this project, and the pending release of 11.50 stable provided the necessary context to understand what was going on. That being said, the developer could save some grief and offer transparency on their sales page explaining the situation. That can only raise confidence in the buyers, and guarantee sales now or down the road. Every plane sold counts, and you guys need them all. Thanks.
  5. Seems like such a basic feature to have, and an essential one to your PFD. Why this isn't in from day 1 boggles my mind. They can do airways in the flight plan, but no vspeeds in a menu that's already there? That....and them completely taking away all yaw from the aircraft. Who knows what else.... Framerate improved, but textures were sacrificed. I was much happier when this simulation was 'hard'
  6. Left pedal down....is this something on force feedback pedals? If not, this isn't right. The right pedal is down to compensate, not neutral. On my rudders, just like in real life, you 'dance' to keep it centered, and each time it's a bit different depending on how much power is being produced and the prevailing winds. The ONLY time I ever have to put in almost no rudder is with a right crosswind, but I always have to add more rudder on rotation, not aileron. As bad as sim rudders are, we need to practice to compensate for this. (I have an easier time as I'm using VKB MkIV T-Rudder pedals...more accurate).
  7. It would be good. If we make this kind of sacrifice, then how do we have faith in the authenticity of the rest of the flight model when so much has changed since release? Between your adjustments and X-Plane updates, I've had to relearn how to fly this bird more than once. Other than 'extra features', what differentiates anything Car#$*do would do?
  8. Hi Goran. Yes, I got back into the TBM after a long time, and find it quite disappointing that this "realistic" plane had to be tamed for some people at the cost of realism. It would be good to have perhaps an alternate option for this? What I am experiencing is that now instead of more rudder input at rotation, it's aileron. Shouldn't be so strong as it is...the green mark on the rudder trim is there for a reason Brate! Please, consider bringing it back. Don't compromise on quality because of skill or hardware limitations
  9. Great. The special effects setting might be worth looking at. I most definitely in the plane! For the head shake, I found it was xp ‘cinema verite’ Setting. As for the torque...a little disappointing; as tough as it was, accessibility takes away the challenge of an authentic simulation. Thanks for the answers!
  10. So, hard truth....I've been away for a few updates and I have some questions please! 1. What happened to the sunshades? They seem to have disappeared and I only see the mounts for them. 2. I still get screen shaking when I brake during taxi...is that an issue on my end or with the product? 3. What happened to torque? I used to have to put in lots of rudder for this powerful engine on departure and now it flies straight, no rudder required. Huh? 4. When entering a flightplan, sometimes the keypad doesn't enter the correct characters and I have to backspace to clear.
  11. First of all, are the differences between the two aircraft enough to cause that? i.e. different engines / cowls? That I don't know. But what I DO think about is altitude and temperature difference In the sim, I'm seeing 22 degrees and ISA +5......AND you still have your inertial separator ON reducing your overall torque and decreasing airflow to the engine because of they bypass..... Try adjusting that and then get back to us.. Then you can turn off the rest of your cas messages -Sacha
  12. This plane is built with maintenance modes, and the need to operate the aircraft properly. It is advertised as an advanced simulation. STOP making up for people who won't learn the aircraft by putting warnings up for everything wrong people do (I know you're trying to avoid support tickets! LOL). I think it takes a step backward and prevents people from learning their lessons the hard way. If you want to add those in tutorial modes, fine. But that takes away the authenticity of your product. Just my two cents.
  13. I just wanted to say thank you for putting in all this work to create such a detailed machine. Though I would have preferred the old 850 with steam gauges - I'm not much for all-glass in GA aircraft. This is the FIRST aircraft I bought without hesitation and right after release save for the PMDG 737. I am really happy that you focussed on getting the most important things finished and polished before moving on to extras and eye candy. I heard possible plans to include a 3D engine model under the cowl - I hope one day that might mean full walkaround inspection will be possible (I have yet to load up my sim, so if it's already there, forgive me!). Until now, the only GA aircraft of this type that was readily available and spoken about was Carenado...and that's saying a lot. Oh, and another thing - customizing registration codes allows us to keep our favourite paint while flying anywhere in the world legitimately AND maintaining our wear-and-tear simulation current. That is brilliant!! Most other manufacturers I've flown have W&T for specific registrations, and because I fly different ones all the time, throws that simulation out the window!
  14. Interesting. I will experiment, as mine are all set to 50's (or higher with the AFL 172 which I have yet to enjoy!)
  15. Hey toby23. I remember hearing somewhere you can set wear to accelerated or realistic, but I'm not sure if it was this product or not. Regardless, like the other posters said, if you are properly flying this aircraft, it will be a VERY long time before something fails on you, so I doubt you'd have an issue. You are buying this aircraft because it is a whole new level of immersion, so I'd embrace that! I feel as you do, that I don't EVER deal with failures or emergencies in my simming because they are always turned off and I don't have the preparation for it either. If you are concerned on pilot edge for realism, then isn't it a great practice to coordinate emergencies on pilot edge too? After all, if you don't make it to your destination, then your time there has actually been shortened and you had fun dealing with it. Anything defective on the ground can be FOUND on the ground and repaired in the hangar before departure.....so I don't really see any cost of your time there. Just a thought for you....maybe it will inspire.
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