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  1. Were "first" and "last" added to the lean assist? Thanks
  2. If you watch video you can see that when the woman lowers the flaps she's not pushing the joystick much , at least not that I could see, .In my sr22 I first baloon up , the nose goes up till till the yellow triangle touches the red Vs above, then I have to push forward.I find it strange -...
  3. I was watching a video on youtube. (cirrus instructor teaching...) -> He says when you extend the flaps you need to give it 3 clicks forward (trim) to keep the plane level. I tried but my sr22 balloons up no matter up. What am I doing wrong ?
  4. I have problems on take off.Even if the sr22 is trimmed for take off the plane balloons up as soon as I take off and banks slightly left.Trimming the ailerons is even worse because I can't get the top edge lined up with the zero.It's hard to see. Any hint or tip ? Thanks
  5. When I activated a vertical profile wideview and narrow view would appear and I could choose any of those.Now I can't.When I click on narrow or wide nothing happens. zilch. Anyone ? Thanks
  6. Every time i take off "oil pressure " is on in yellow. It will always go aways after ft 3000. Did I miss a step ? Thanks
  7. In the videos there was a "first" or "last" inside a blue box but in the sim I just see blue boxes flashing but it's not showing which one is which ?
  8. First off I love this plane. It's beautiful inside and out. If I think how much a carenado bird cost and what you get with this bird for a little more it's a joke. Now to my question: Any one can explain/show with a vid or a tutorial (fool proof instructions) how the lean assist works ? I run a search on you tube and watched a few vids which did help a lot. I can't use the assist on our SR22 tho. All help appreciated.
  9. can it be it's the turbine
  10. lfmn mrm lfml cruising at about ft6000
  11. Can anyone tell me how to get the pathway to show ? It's not working here. Thanks
  12. Yes it is. It was active but even if I entered a flight plan for some reason there were no pink rectangles there. How do I get it to show ? Thanks
  13. Does the sr2 have a flight pathway option for the pfd ? (those pink rectangles :-) ) Thanks
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