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    Flying in real life aswell as in the sim (since the fuel is cheaper).
  1. Ah ok thanks i was wondering if i did something wrong.
  2. Hi, i am currently really looking forward to the Torqesim BN-2 however the store page does not seem to work. When i click on the link in google or in the forums it just leads me to a page which says "We've got something special in store for you. And we can't wait for you to see it. Please check back soon". Is this usual when a new aircraft is added? The thread about the BN-2 said it would be released at 4 pm EST today (which would be 2200 in germany) but now its 5pm (/2300). Is this normal or is there an error. Thx in advance and greetings, Philipp
  3. after repairing everything in the maintenance section everything works again.
  4. Hi guys, recently i did a flight from LESO to LXGB where i was not able to activate the gpss mode of the tbm. CDI was on gps and when i pushed the nav button gps was either armed (when i was not on the correct position for the current leg) or when i was on the lag and wanted to activate gpss the status bar in the pfd showed just an instant change back to rol mode. neither entering a direct nor activating the current lag enabled me to switch on gpss. when using the cdi nav mode flying vor radials the nav mode worked fine. HDG mode also does not work as it wont react to heading changes.
  5. The FPS case was solved. Deactivated smartcopilot now as long as i am not using it. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello Guys, as is was experiencing some spiked fps drops (30 usual and suddenly 20 and back up to 30 again) i looked through the logs and found some errors: 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1160]: This is the TBM900 (v1.1.9) libacfutils-62765a8 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1205]: BOOT: glew_init 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1219]: BOOT: glutils_sys_init 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1221]: BOOT: lr_init 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1223]: BOOT: gl_pic_sys_init 2019-05-01 18:17:54 TBM900[xplane.c:1226]: BOOT: acf_mgr_init 2019-05-01 18:17:54 T
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