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  1. The fps also drops into single digits once I get close to the clouds.
  2. Video card is RTX 1060 and my resolution is 2560 X 1080.
  3. I am also experiencing major performance degradation on Windows. I went from average 45fps in ver 4 to 10-20 fps with 5.05. I did not download 5.04 so that I could compare or roll back to that version. I even disabled XP Realistic just to make sure it was not causing the problem.
  4. Ok. That's what the problem was. I was not on 2.75. Once I updated the plugin, it worked. Thanks!
  5. The ALT error in the post was a typo / copy and paste error on my part. I did it in a hurry and didn't look it over before posting. It has the correct bat2 in the ini file. Below is the direct copy from the reference xsaitekpanels.ini. "Off" is not used in the commands for battery master switch off. This worked consistently for me. Thanks. *** from reference xsaitekpanels.ini *** ;command for battery master switch on command bat_master_switch_on_cmd = ;command for battery master switch off command bat_master_switch_cmd = ;command for battery master switch on command
  6. I got the problem fixed after comparing commands in this ini file to the xsaitekpanels.ini in \Resources\Plugins\Xsaitekpanels. I had to remove the "off" between switch_ and cmd and that fixed it. See the changes below. ;command for alt master switch off command alt_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/alt1_Off <-- original command bat_master_switch_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat1_Off <-- replacement command ;command for alt master switch off command2 alt2_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/alt2_Off <-- original command bat2_master_switch_cmd
  7. Same here. It started with 1.0.1.
  8. +1 on this. I thought it was just me.
  9. Yes, the Batt Off position works. I use it with other aircrafts. I will try copying the functions to another switch and see what happens.
  10. Yes, I can confirm that the ini file is in both locations. I have done this with a number of my other airplanes. Everything else works, including turning on the batt switches, but for some reason it won't turn them off. I also don't have any other buttons assigned to those switches. Strange...but I guess it's no big deal.
  11. Tom, is the Microsoft Visual C++ failing to install on your computer? What error are you getting? Can you check your Add/Remove programs to see if another (older) version is currently installed? If it is, you may need to uninstall it and reinstall the new version.
  12. Is there a way to make the ground steering more responsive? I have to push my rudder pedals all the way in each direction for the plane to respond, however slowly. I end up using my toe brakes a lot to help with the turns. When @citationmax did the livestream preview he talked about this behavior and that it reflected how the actual SR22 behaved in real life. If the real plane functions like that I won't worry too much about it. But if it is something that you can tweak I would certainly welcome it. Thanks! Love this plane BTW!
  13. The flow I ended up with after watching several videos and finding my own routine is: prime for 3 seconds while mixture lever is around 75 percent power lever is idle switch to boost on fuel pump start engine---props start spinning turn off boost push power lever to around 25 percent then engine starts push mixture lever to max This all happens in a matter of a few seconds. BTW I have a Saitek switchpanel and this can be a pain for planes like the TBM 900 and this SR22. If you do have a switchpanel, always be sure to turn on your battery and
  14. It’s the TN version. I can hear it from within the aircraft but not when I change the view to outside. The sound is present with different views inside the plane but gets much louder when a door is opened. I never hear it before starting, only after shutting down.
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