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  1. Restarted Xplane and it is now working. Thank you Jan.
  2. When I use 'Ready to Fly" startup option, it works fine. Am I missing a switch?
  3. Good Day. Thank you for the update. My radios seem not to work with VATSIM xpliot. There are set on VH1 but no frequency is showing on Xpilot box. When I use 'Ready to Fly" startup option, it works fine. Am I missing a switch?
  4. I think the high OAT might be a factor. First occurrence was when OAT was 34 next occurrence OAT was 46. Faisal
  5. Good day, I have noticed in two consecutive flights on both the SR22 and SR22TN that after landing and while taxing (RPM 1000) the engine just quits. Faisal
  6. Thnx Cooper for the reply. I did lean the mixture as required (I fly SR22s in real). I will try again tomorrow and see how it goes. Faisal
  7. Good day, I experienced today that during climb the power keeps jumping around between 60 and 70% while the throttle was full forward and mixture rich. Also during cruise the power never goes above 52% with full throttle and RPM stable at 2700. Any idea why this is happening? Faisal
  8. Dear Jan, I did a full flight from Cold & Dark and all seems to work fine. It is only when I start a flight from Turnaround status that I get this issue. Thank you for the help. Faisal
  9. Actually they aircraft had electrical power as the issue started during final approach. I might be missing something when starting the aircraft that affects the operation of the ILS and VOR radios. Faisal
  10. Thnx for your prompt reply. I just did an experiment where I loaded the aircraft in Ready to Fly option and the ILS worked fine.
  11. Good Day, I went through all the replies on the thread, but could not find a solution. Since updating IEXG to ver 1.3, neither the ILS nor the VOR tuning work. I tried in many airports and compared with other Xplane default an addon aircraft. They all worked fine. I have the latest Navigraph date cycle in both xplane and IEXG. Faisal.
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