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  1. Actually for me, even though I have buttons for toe brakes, my rudder pedals still work on the ground for steering, though they behave like toe brakes.
  2. Start to slowly rotate just before reaching 70 and the climb out will be smooth. Banking slightly left is normal, especially on a high-torque engine. When you use rudder to accellerate down the runway, you may find that just a bit MORE rudder is used when you rotate due to gyroscopic precesssion. This is a well balanced behavior compared to many addon models I have. Also, don't forget to consider wind effects.
  3. From what I have read, this is something that will be adjusted on the next update and I too believe it is just a little too agressive. My compensation is to take off without flap (not normal procedure, but approved), and on approach lower flap only when 90-100 kts instead of the placarded 119. That being said, aggressive pitch when lowering flaps is perfectly normal. I had to do the same when I was flying a DA40 last year; first time it surprised me because it has a larger effect than a 172 (probably due to the shorter chord line).
  4. What are your autopilot modes set to? My altitude capture is perfect, even if the altimeter setting isn't
  5. I mentioned it in another forum post, but unless the difference is massive, there will be a difference between the standby altimeter and the pfd one. That is normal (don't be surprised by a 200 foot difference, as that is maximum for an RVSM flight even on an airliner; 75 on the ground).
  6. I don't think the prime/boost switch on the TN should be spring loaded, as that switch will only ever actually be used in flight at high altitude or to clear vapor lock. For persistence, the only thing I noticed was the tiedowns and cover.
  7. I would use a GPS waypoint in it's place for now. You could set it to OBS mode at the same time.
  8. I second that....also the leading edges due to the TKS system is also reflecting light in an ugly way.
  9. This is a normal thing to have and should not be changed. The altimeter setting and altitude reporting on the G1000 is computed by an ADC (air data computer) versus a mechanical aneroid on the standby altimeter that can have error. Same can be seen even on a big jet, where captain and first officer altimeters can be slightly off as they get data from different pressure ports (PFD vs standby as well). The maximum difference on an RVSM equipped airliner is within 75 feet of field elevation while on the ground and within 200 feet in flight. Any more, and it is defective.
  10. Hey there. Not sure why this isn't addressed in the manual, but what are we supposed to use the "Manifold Pressure Target" and "Fuel Flow at Manifold Pressure Target" features for on the General tab? Also not addressed is the difference between the Iskra Starter (always selected by default) and the C24ST5? Thanks. p.s. for minor update - the tiedowns and fuselage cover are not persistent between flights.
  11. Vr in this plane is 70-75 knots. Crap...wrong VR! LOL (bump your post up!)
  12. So far, I've only encountered one hold as part of an instrument approach procedure turn. I'd set up an OBS at a waypoint and fly it manually by heading control for now.
  13. Funny, that happened twice to me. But since I've left the bosst pump on and leaned on the ground, no issues.
  14. I didn't really notice the power issue (I fly by speed), but definitely looking for a bit of refinement to the effect of flaps....seems quite agressive, such that I takeoff with full flaps, and don't drop flaps until I'm below 100kts on arrival.
  15. Even though I have buttons on my throttle for differential brakes, I still use the rudder for steering. Essentially, use your rudder like sensitive toe brakes; tap the rudders a bit or hold slightly to steer. You have to guide the nosewheel in your turns because it turns as a result of the brakes, not the rudder input. A tip or two: make sure the nosewheel is pointing straight before you stop so that it is easier to get going (such as coming up to a hold short line that is to the left or right or a parking spot).
  16. Some good people on another forum helped fill in the context of why / when / how on the product and why it was released beta only. Apparently, 11.50 full release isn't far around the corner now, and some of the technologies that take advantage of the improvements 11.50 brings could not be practically made for current version. I can confidently go buy it now (and many others could have as well, if not having to ask).
  17. Yes, but with the GCS functions not working, does that mean we can't navigate and use the G1000 completely?
  18. Thank you for clarifying the differences. If that is the only major thing, and it works in 11.41, then why is it necessary to indicate on the sales page 11.50 beta only? Could have saved yourselves and your customers this extra aggravation by writing "11.50 beta only required for advanced features". That's potential lost sales there for those that don't ask, or extra forum posts like this one that could have been avoided.
  19. Edited with update information: I was a little miffed that the SR22 was released for 11.50 Beta only; a full product release on a testing platform rather than stable didn't make sense to me, as that implies the SR22 is also a Beta. Taking away access to a good majority of simmers who work on a stable release wasn't encouraging to me. However, some good folks here and on Facebook helped clarify the situation with this project, and the pending release of 11.50 stable provided the necessary context to understand what was going on. That being said, the developer could save some grief a
  20. Seems like such a basic feature to have, and an essential one to your PFD. Why this isn't in from day 1 boggles my mind. They can do airways in the flight plan, but no vspeeds in a menu that's already there? That....and them completely taking away all yaw from the aircraft. Who knows what else.... Framerate improved, but textures were sacrificed. I was much happier when this simulation was 'hard'
  21. Left pedal down....is this something on force feedback pedals? If not, this isn't right. The right pedal is down to compensate, not neutral. On my rudders, just like in real life, you 'dance' to keep it centered, and each time it's a bit different depending on how much power is being produced and the prevailing winds. The ONLY time I ever have to put in almost no rudder is with a right crosswind, but I always have to add more rudder on rotation, not aileron. As bad as sim rudders are, we need to practice to compensate for this. (I have an easier time as I'm using VKB MkIV T-Rudder peda
  22. It would be good. If we make this kind of sacrifice, then how do we have faith in the authenticity of the rest of the flight model when so much has changed since release? Between your adjustments and X-Plane updates, I've had to relearn how to fly this bird more than once. Other than 'extra features', what differentiates anything Car#$*do would do?
  23. Hi Goran. Yes, I got back into the TBM after a long time, and find it quite disappointing that this "realistic" plane had to be tamed for some people at the cost of realism. It would be good to have perhaps an alternate option for this? What I am experiencing is that now instead of more rudder input at rotation, it's aileron. Shouldn't be so strong as it is...the green mark on the rudder trim is there for a reason Brate! Please, consider bringing it back. Don't compromise on quality because of skill or hardware limitations
  24. Great. The special effects setting might be worth looking at. I most definitely in the plane! For the head shake, I found it was xp ‘cinema verite’ Setting. As for the torque...a little disappointing; as tough as it was, accessibility takes away the challenge of an authentic simulation. Thanks for the answers!
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