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  1. I'm sure the community and I would appreciate any news, i.e., progress status, of the next update? Kind regards, S.S
  2. Will the ADF/DME function on the G1000 be implemented in later updates? I only find DME in for the button (that also contains ADF in the real G1000). In the meantime, is there any other way to fly NDB approaches?
  3. I was experiencing similar issues, and the following easy fix solved everything: Follow the standard start up procedure, mixture full rich, throttle fully opened, turn on the prime (high) pump for about a second, then switch to the boost pump, pull back throttle to about a quarter open, now turn the starter on. And here is the trick, if the plane doesn't start, make sure you have the ignition cranked up to start, and slowly shift the throttle back or forward. Doing this solved my start up hassles. I'm sure the developers will fix this bug with the next update.
  4. I'd like to share https://www.cirrusapproach.com/ for further real-world resources on how to fly the SR22 series. Although some of their courses are quite expensive, they do offer serveral courses for free. Check them out! Kind regards, S.S
  5. I've been noticing issues with the oxygen system. Sometimes it doesn't turn on, other times it won't turn off, even after shutting the bird down. Also, in general, the engine parameters act weird. Please be aware of these issues for the next update (hopefully soon). Kind regards, S.S
  6. Hi there, I was just on the PilotEdge Discord and came across others who are having similar issues. Although PilotEdge does connect with this aircraft, and the Comms and Mic are working, after about 10 minutes, I get disconnected from PilotEdge (according to the PE Controllers I disappear from radar contact). However, I can still transmit voice and am able to hear the controllers. Please assist...
  7. My mistake, I was assuming the door wasn't closed because you can see the paint of the door from the inside (on the lower leading edges). However, after viewing the aircraft from the outside, the door is closed.
  8. After opening the passenger door, I cannot get the door to fully close. After clicking on the handle, the door closes but not fully. Any advice?
  9. It worked, thank you, but everytime Xplane loads I get a pop stating that my product was successfully activated. How can I get rid of the pop-up? Kind regards, Shelman
  10. Hey Ben, I'm also having the same issue as MikeyT, but not on beta. Is it because I updated my Windows 10 to 1803? Please assist: this is super annoying! Regards, Shelman
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