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  1. Thanks for that Coop. I was afraid that would be your answer. I started thinking about a Lua script that would toggle the default avionics switch whenever the custom one changes state. I guess I'll have to dust that off and get back to it. Thanks for your response! -mark
  2. The instrument panels made by PropWashsim.com are designed to power off whenever the avionics switch is set in the off position (i.e. sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics_on -> 0). The SR22 is the only aircraft I have that does not do this. I assume it is because this plane uses a custom avionics dataref (afm/src/cmd/switches/avionics_Toggle) and the PropWash panels don't know to read that dataref. Would it be possible to fix this? I have to physically unplug my radio panels after flying the SR22 because it will not turn the panel off as all the other planes will. Thank you so much! -mark
  3. I put a lot of time into working through some of the issues I have had with this great aircraft. Hoping others who have faced the same struggles might find this helpful. Enjoy! -mark
  4. Thanks Coop. That's it. I am using a larger mouse cursor. The mouse pointer works fine if I don't pop the device. I guess I can just get used to not popping the panel out since it pops out in weird locations anyway.
  5. The hotspots for the G1000 buttons seem to be off (popped out, non-VR). I have to click just above the button for it to respond. This is new behavior to 1.2
  6. I'm loving this airplane but I do wish the popout Garmins would remember the last position and size I set them at. When I fly IFR, I like to pop out both G1000s and position them side by side along the bottom so my old eyes can see them better. If I close them and pop them back out, they are big again and off in random positions. Can I get this in the pipeline for a future release please? Thanks so much!! -mark
  7. I taxi this thing like I used to drive my old 1960 Chevy... 1500-1600rpm and just burn up the brakes. Scared to death to drop below that else it will stall!
  8. Ok, Ok, Ok! I got this! Stand back!! The truth is halfway between Lon and Attitude. I tried using the checklist Lon posted (from the real SR22 btw!) and took his advice to drop my throttle back a little from where I was setting it. It cranked 10-15 seconds and STARTED!! Then I followed Attitude's advice, replacing step 3 with on "On the 'R'" and it started up IMMEDIATELY! I tried it several more times just to make sure I didn't just get lucky and it worked EVERY time! So, the checklist as I have edited it above is the GOSPEL ACCORDING TO TORQUESIM! Forget the REAL checklist! I'm a happy camper. Don't change a thing else you draw back a nub!! Thanks fellas!! -mark
  9. Video is private and viewable only from this forum Log.txt
  10. Lon, Yes, R1 is the most recent beta. It should have been named RC1 but I guess in their haste to get in and out before the Giant arrived, they didn't have time for the 'c'. I don't know what's going on. Once I learned to start this thing back when it first came out, I had no trouble starting it either. It's only been in the last couple of days that I have had major trouble. In fact, after all the interaction with Goofy on this, just this afternoon I got so frustrated that I finally just gave up. I thought menu->RESET should reset the plane to as if it has never been used but after meticulously following the procedure, it just cranked and cranked and cranked! I am major frustrated over this!
  11. Sorry Goofy, I didn't make myself clear earlier. I was leaving the Fuel Pump on BOOST before using the plugin menu->PRIME and that was the problem. I am now setting that to OFF before I prime and that seems to be working better. Because this process is so ridiculous, I am working on a Lua script to start the plane. It first RESETs the plane and follows your process. I really hate to do this but I am so disgusted with struggling with this that I'm hoping this will make me want to fly this airplane. Thanks again for your help! -mark
  12. Thanks Jean-Pierre, I did notice I had more luck using the menu-prime. One difference is I had the Fuel Pump on Boost rather than Off as you say. I'll try that. I still don't understand why I have suddenly started having so much trouble. It's really silly that this plane is this hard to start! I really love it once I finally get it started but since it is so much trouble, I usually talk mysyelf out of flying it. It's a shame really.
  13. I don't know if it is 11.50R1 that is causing this. I am having a devil of a time starting this plane. Never really had trouble except at first when I was first learning it. Now, it absolutely won't start. I've been struggling almost an hour, rebooting, reloading, menu->RESET, menu->PRIME, coldstart, hotstart, floodstart, repeat. I finally got it started and it died on the way to the runway. I had it leaned for taxi and was trying to keep the rpms over 1000 but sometimes you accidentally pull back and it dies. This is really frustrating. I don't know why (since XP11.50R1 I think) I am suddenly not able to get this thing started. Ideas? thanks -mark
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