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  1. I have found the mixture control to be extremely sensitive with this model. Setting a Linear response curve for the throttle (one-to-one) helps a lot. Understandably the further you go LOP, the more sensitive it gets. I experimented with setting my response curve less sensitive (parabolic) in this area but it didn't seem to help. Settling on a linear curve seems to work best for me.
  2. If you want to learn to fly the 22 properly, you can do no better than these videos. Tim does a fantastic job of describing pretty much all the features of this great product. Thank you Tim! In this one, Tim covers how to use the oxygen system and other more advanced concepts. These videos are MUST watch!
  3. This is a known problem. Coop told me fixing this problem is a top priority. I have parked my 22 because of this and other issues while they get a fix in place. We'll all just have to show a little patience. Kind regards
  4. Thanks qazme. Yes, I know about the workaround. I was just pointing out the bug.
  5. FYI Though I've put the cover on my 22, I'm not sorry I purchased this plane. I'm confident it will be a fine addition to my fleet eventually. Just for the record, here are the reasons I have mine parked: 1. CDT 2. Ridiculous startup. Mine even died while taxiing to the runway; well over 1000 rpm, plenty of gas, everything in the green. I never got it to start back up. Ended up having to reload. 3. Pitiful frame rates. About the same as the HMB. Disappointed in that. 4. Does not work right with FSEconomy. I have to play tricks with the fuel load else I get "Refueling in flight, cancelling" Since I have gone back to the HMB, after flying the G3, I realize how inferior the HMB plane is to the G3. I think patience is the proper response to all this. It doesn't take much to see the effort put into this project and I really hate to say bad things about it. I have no regrets. I will wait this out. I'm sure things will get worked out. I for one (and I hope I'm not alone on this) am glad this plane targets 11.50 as that is the future of X-Plane and I would have hesitated to buy it if it had been targeted for 11.41. Thank you very much guys! This is going to be a fantastic aircraft!
  6. Thanks qazme. I guess I'm not priming long enough. I have become scared to death to prime and have been releasing after only a second or two. I actually have been using the throttle as you describe although I seem to always crank for at least 30 seconds. I guess I just have to practice some more. Seems silly that you have to follow such a strict protocol. I may just write a Lua script to do this once I figure out the exact sequence. Thanks again! Cheers! -mark
  7. I do EXACTLY as you describe. I follow this procedure as carefully as I possibly can. I am looking at a 1 out of 10 success rate. It's so frustrating that I've resorted to "engine running" starts which I hate after eight or nine unsuccessful attempts. Maybe I'll eventually get the hang of it but I have a twenty year old chainsaw that is easier to start than this half-million dollar airplane.
  8. I guess I'm the unlucky one. Got a little farther (sort of). Asked for my computer name then crashed. Now X-Plane crashes immediately. Doesn't like the XPLM plugin: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==-- Log.txt
  9. Thanks Coop. Yes, there are a ton of errors there. I forgot to include my specs: X-Plane 11.50B16, Win 10 i7-9700k@5.0GHz, Nvidia RTX 2080(8GB), Z390 AORUS w/Realtek audio MB, 32GB DDR4, 2TB SSD(560MB/s), Windows 10 Home 64-bit, CH FighterStick/Pro Throttle/Pro Pedals, TrackIR5, Knobster V2 w/KnobXP plugin Log.txt
  10. Sure does look nice. I'm sure I will love this. Just not right now. Most importantly, there is no TS SR22 showing up in the Plugins menu as described so I really can't configure anything. I try to click the key to put it in the ignition and it just clicks and nothing happens. I try to Autostart and the Perspectives come on but the engine just makes some quite noise; that's all. I can move the ignition (with no key) and see it turn but nothing happens. I am reading everything I can but can't seem to get started. All that is in the Plugins menu is Gizmo and the ContinentialIO-550-N. There is no TS SR22. I have moved the mouse around all the edges thinking there may be a side pop-up but apparently not. Sure does look nice though. I wish I could fly it. What am I missing? I usually get things like this working in short order. Sorry to start out by complaining. Can anyone offer advice? Thanks -mark
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