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  1. On a smaller screen I find myself performing more clicks to open, position and size the popups than interacting with them. I would like to propose a feature where by we can save popup positions and sizes to a small number of memory slots that can later be recalled with a single button bind. For example as user I might bind all of the pilot flyings panels to one memory slot and all of the pilot monitoring panels to another. Thus allowing me to effectively glance between the two to transfer metar information, glance at the checklist etc. I'm currently using the the Toggle All Popups key bind but without a 4k display it's difficult to possition all of the panels I use with out overlapping or making them so small they're unreadable. I'm not sure if this is working as intended but if you use the Toggle All Popups to close the panels next time you click on a single panel it's the only one the doesn't open. I belive its effectively restoring all popups and then closing the one you clicked on. Another option that may actually already be possible is exposing the position and size of the panels so we can modify them using FlyWithLUA or similar. Regards BT.
  2. Course intercept: LEGS, DIR, select TO WPT with LSK, insert INTC CRS into scratchpad, R6, EXEC. Then set the HDG to intercept. Kind regards BT
  3. I suspect this is a duplicate of [SOLVED 2337] CTD inflight when modifying FPLN (Discontinuity-Vectors-Discontinuty) There was discontinuity earlier in the legs removing that discontinuity prevents the CTD.
  4. Sitting on the ground at LFBO with just the APU fired up working my way through the FMS documentation (FMS v4.0 Flight Management System for the Challenger 605). The CTD is reproduceable and occurs when performing "hold at non-flight plan waypoint" for waypoint "VARAP" and inserting it before "CI28". Flight plan LFBO AFRI5B AFRIC DCT BUROD UP856 RAPED UM985 PIGOS DCT ABN ABN1N LIMJ Kind regards BT Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  5. Would it be possible to provide a discord invite so that we can catch up on the conversations there regarding the Challenger 650? Also any word on the minimum and recommended requirements?
  6. Your experience maybe different but I can see it's open on the Payload & Balance screen, by looking out the window and with the external views.
  7. Doesn't a small blue font indicate a designated altitude that complies with the published restriction. So this may just be the correct behaviour as the current chart does appear have DUPUR at 3000'. Also with the Laminar G1000 at least you may find it won't calculate a VNAV for a fix in a procedure unless the leg in the procedure is active. You could try adding the fix with an altitude constraint outside of the procedure (in your normal flight plan) to make sure you're on the path or at the correct altitude when you active that leg in the procedure. Kind regards BT
  8. boredtechie

    G1000 Bugs

    No need to apologise @Goran_M I for one could have done more to follow this up after I didn't hear anything back. Just for perspective, anyone else reading through the forums contemplating buying the TBM 900 don't let this put you off. Things like this getting missed is the exception not the rule and the level of support Hotstart have provided to date has been excellent. P.S. the 2D popup doesn't seem to be affected by this issue either and as such is a nice easy workaround whilst Hotstart are looking into the issue. Kind regards, Boredtechie
  9. boredtechie

    G1000 Bugs

    The issue with the keypad has been reported a few times by a few different people myself included but unfortunately no bug fix to date. Kind regards, Boredtechie
  10. When I've downloaded 1.1.9 in the past there was a different directory structure containing a `TBM900-linux-x64-installer.run` file. I've just downloaded it this morning it almost looks like an automated build pipeline may not have finished but has bundled the artifacts and published them anyway. Kind regards BT
  11. Hi @sqrt(-1), Right you are my mistake I read the whole thread and some how missed that Kind regards, BT
  12. Hi @Goran_M, Not sure if you just missed it or if they're the wrong files but @JackSwyr appears to have provided some logs above. Kind regards, BT
  13. Hi JackSwyr, I'll be honest I hold Hot Start in high regard they have been relentless in their pursuit of perfection for this addon. That said they rightly tend to focus on the more disruptive issues like the CTD you're experiencing over quality of life issues like entering values in to the FMS. So whilst this issue might take a little longer to fix I suspect you'll see your CTD issue fixed quite quickly but you may need to work with them providing logs, removing other add-ons etc as requested. Please don't give up on this add-on you'll be missing out. Kind regards, BT
  14. Hi JackSwyr, I think we may have very similar issues see below. BKSP for me was a bit unreliable but your experience may differ. One thing I've found that always seems to work is to rotate the outer FMS knob backwards before starting to type on the keypad. Kind regards, BT
  15. Also experiencing this issue in 1.1.7 it's not necessarily new to me in 1.1.7 I just haven't had the time to fly recently. Regards BT
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