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  1. No drivers at all, it didn't even come with any to install or even download. I use FSUIPC in P3D and it works perfectly, XP is a little different but I can get it to work.
  2. Thanks, yes, see my post above as I must have posted at the same time as you. When I use the toggle reverse it goes straight into REV in the sim's cockpit. Then I can use the lever to move it up to LESS REV which is cool. So I guess I will have to leave it as it is, using a Saitek TMP with the "toggle reverse" in conjunction with the TQ6. So this clarifies quite a bit and I'm VERY appreciative of all ya'lls help!
  3. Thanks, I tried this so many times with so many YT's and it never works, and I make sure I get the same numbers as they have on their videos. The only way I can get it to go into REV is by assigning a button to Thrust Reverse Toggle and then it goes into full reverse and the throttle in the cockpit actually moves into REV. Very frustrating that others can get this to work but I can't.
  4. I can get the throttle to work all day in forward, and it even works in REV for the ZIBO 737. But it simply will not allow it to into REV in the TBM.
  5. Wish I knew. It doesn’t have and switches in the reverse mode. It’s really very simple but quite expensive
  6. Well, that rules out a TQ6. I wish someone here had a TQ6 and could help me with the response curves as I think that’s where the answer lies.
  7. Not familiar with the PFC. As I said I have no buttons whatsoever on it. I have to look at some YT's I guess because some guy did get it to work on mine with the beta range using the response curve.
  8. No sir no buttons on the TQ6. But it has a lower detent which works in PMDG P3D jets. I had it working once in this plane, but I don’t know what I did, it had to do with the response curve but that’s over my head. I can fix real aircraft but when it comes to things like this, it’s over my head.
  9. I have a Saitek TMP and I assigned toggle to a button and it works, it brings back the throttle to REV but I wish to god I could get it to go into REV with the TQ6 it’s life. I have a lower detent. So does anyone know how use use the Response Curve? I notice in says has beta reverse detent but selected or not it simple does not bring the throttle back into REV. Someone please help if you are able as I’d appreciate it.
  10. Just tried to assign this to F1 and it still won’t work, does it even GO into REV? Getting quite frustrated when even a keyboard command like F1 which I assigned to Reverse toggle will not work. ARGH! Sorry, frustrated.
  11. Hi, I have a Virtual Fly TQ6 and it was working until I had to update XP. What I’d like to know is how can I use the throttle on the TQ6 to bring the engine to the REV position. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I even tried assigning F1 in the Engine section of the Keyboard settings to Reverser, bring throttle down in small steps, etc. Nothing will make that throttle to go the REV position. Thanks. Jack
  12. Well, it’s working now. If I can only figure out how I got REV to work on my Virtual Fly TQ6, I’ve been messing with it and can’t for the life of me figure it out.
  13. It works fine in the fresh install and works in the old one too. No idea what happened. No way they can be linked is there?
  14. Yes, but I’ve started this plane a hundred times at least, it’s the only one I ever use in XP. I have a lot of real world experience with aircraft, this makes no sense at all. I’m finally able to install the TBM into the new fresh XP.
  15. I never took it out of BATT though.
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