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  1. Hi Tom, Fantastic news! I would be very interested in a livery tutorial.
  2. Aircraft Profile for the SIAI-Marchetti SF-260
  3. Version 1.00


    Aircraft Profile for the XMidiCtrl plugin Aircraft: SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 MIDI-Device: Behringer X-Touch Mini
  4. XMidiCtrl - Aircraft Profile for SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 View File Aircraft Profile for the XMidiCtrl plugin Aircraft: SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 MIDI-Device: Behringer X-Touch Mini Submitter VirtualCPT Submitted 04/26/2023 Category Plugins and Utilities  
  5. I think 15 USD is more than fair for an update to X-Plane 12. I paid a similar price for the ToLiss A321 upgrade and it was worth it. Lets face it, 15 USD is more or less the cost of a lunch meal and this plane will provide me lots of enjoyable hours.
  6. Hi @KirkR, Many thanks for the kind words. I'm very happy that you like my plugin - I like it as well and cannot imagine X-Plane without using the midi devices. You have a very nice setup, would love to have those G1000 screens :-) I was looking at the MSFS SDK, but that really a very different world. Such a tool needs to be developed as a standalone application rather than a plugin. It would be a complete rewrite and would require a lot of work. There is a very nice and cheap tool called Axis and Ohs which supports the X-Touch. I'm using that for MSFS and I'm rather happy with it. Hope that help, Marco
  7. Attached you will find new new version, which was built directly on macOS instead of Linux. Would you mind testing this version if the lipo step is still required? Many thanks! XMidiCtrl_GitHub_Build.zip
  8. Hi Ben, Many thanks for taking the time to check my plugin. I don't own a Mac and cannot test the macOS version of the plugin. So far I cross compiled the macOS version on Ubuntu Linux. However, I recently started to use GitActions instead which allows me to compile directly on macOS. Do you have any idea how I can fix this problem? Signing the plugin isn't an option, as I don't have an Apple Developer Subscription :-( Thanks, Marco
  9. Hi @tkyler, I'm trying to bind the AP turn knob to my hardware controller, but having a hard time to find the correct commands. There is a dataref called xscenery/mu2b60/manips/ap_turn_knob but did you also implemented some commands? Would be helpful to have commands for left, right and return to center. Many thanks, Marco
  10. Hey, I'm currently working on an option to sign the code. Unfortunately, that means changing the entire building process which will take me a couple of days. Did you get it do work? Thanks, Marco
  11. Hi RubbrDug, You are in luck today, as I just released a new version with universal binary support for macOS. Hope it solves your problem. https://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1348-xmidictrl-a-midi-controller-plugin-for-x-plane/ Kind regards, Marco
  12. H tyler, Hope you are doing well. I was just wondering about the status of the X-Plane 12 update. Would be great to have this plane in XP12 ;-) Wish you a nice weekend, Marco
  13. Hi, was just going to answer you, but luckily you were able to find a solution yourself. As far as I know, the Behringer X-Touch is the only MIDI device that uses the relative mode. Most other MIDI devices send 1/127 when using knobs. Are you happy with the loupedeck? I wondering if I should get one myself. Quite a few XMidiCtrl users seem to own it. Cheers, Marco
  14. Wow, you own a MU-2 in real life? I'm very jealous :-) How would you compare the X-Plane version of the plane to your real world experience?
  15. Cannot wait to fly this plane in X-Plane 12
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