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  1. Good morning, I'm currently preparing a new release version, which should be out within the next two days. The Init Messages are very new, I just added them the other day. Thanks, Marco
  2. Good Morning, Hope you had a nice Easter break. I was just wondering if you are still planning to release the MU2 in April? Thanks, Marco
  3. Hi Carsten, I will send you a pre release version later today. Kind regards from EDDN :-) Marco
  4. Hi, I'm currently testing a brand new version of XMidiCtrl. It supports all types of MIDI messages, has a much improved logging and I enhanced some of the mapping options. I'm not quite finished with the UI. The layout of the settings window is still bothering me, but I can send you a prerelease copy if you want. Wouldn't mind having someone else doing some tests? Its working very stable on my side, so should be safe to use.
  5. Hi, I'm also a huge fan of Ubuntu Linux. Looking at your screenshots, the plugin loaded correctly and was able to connect with the Behringer X-Touch Mini. However, I think you are using the wrong inbound port. According to the last screenshot, inbound port 0 is the Midi Through Device. Port 1 would be the X-Touch. Can you try to change in following line in your XMIdiCtrl.toml: # Behringer X-Touch Mini [[device]] name = "Behringer X-Touch Mini" port_in = 1 # <-- change this line from 0 to 1 port_out = 1 I'm quite sure that this will solve your problem, because the rest looks good.
  6. Linux support would be awesome! I would love to switch to Linux once X-Plane 12 has been released.
  7. Ah, now I see the problem. In the aircraft folder I'm looking for a file called XMidiCtrl.toml (without any prefix). It's really just the common folder, where the prefix is needed. Probably a bit too confusing for new users. Maybe I should also look for files with a prefix in the aircraft directory. What do you think? I tried to explain everything in the documentation: https://mauer.github.io/xmidictrl/#/profile Please let me know if you spot any errors in the documentation or if things are worded weirdly. I'm not a native English speaker, although I lived in the UK for a long time. Cheers, Marco
  8. Hi Dave, That's really weird. I never had this problem before. Was the file in the aircraft folder really called XMidiCtrl.toml? Sometimes, editors add some extension like .txt or so. I'm surprised that you get different ports on your X-Touch. I'm using my X-Touch for over a year and the ports never changed. I even unplug it from time to time, but it's always on port 0 for inbound and port 1 for outbound. Do you have any other MIDI devices connected? For my personal profile I have a custom lua script to toggle the baro units between inch and hpa, because I couldn't find a command for that. Unfortunately, I left it in the released version. I will update the file, thanks for the "bug-report" :-) In case you want to have this function as well, here is the lua script: if PLANE_ICAO == "B738" then -- Barometer function toggle_baro_in_hpa() if get("laminar/B738/EFIS_control/capt/baro_in_hpa") == 1 then command_once("laminar/B738/EFIS_control/capt/baro_in_hpa_dn") else command_once("laminar/B738/EFIS_control/capt/baro_in_hpa_up") end end create_command("FlyWithLua/B738/toggle_baro_in_hpa", "Toggle barometer between in and hpa", "toggle_baro_in_hpa()", "", "") end Cheers, Marco
  9. Yes, it was my idea. I started the development of XMidiCtrl around one year ago and tried to get the A321 working with it. Nearly all knobs on the MCU have push and pull, so I was looking for a simple solution to simulate that behavior without the need of another button. You can apply push&pull to any button on the X-Touch Mini. For most planes I have for example the chrono start/reset mapped to push and ET start/stop on pull.
  10. Ah, you discovered my push&pull implementation. It's quite simple, when you press the knob/button for a short time the push comment will be triggered. If you hold down the knob/button for a longer time (I think it's a second or so) the pull command will be triggered. This is really useful for the Airbus, as most of the knobs in the real plane have push and pull.
  11. Hi Dave, I'm very happy that it works for you now. I'm still trying to improve the plugin, such as implementing a better user interface and enhancing the documentation. I started writing some first steps, they might be useful for you: https://mauer.github.io/xmidictrl/#/create_profile I personally would start with simple steps. Have a have a look at the ZIBO example in the examples folder and try to change the mappings more to your likings. The ZIBO addon is a very good start, as ZIBO included excellent documentation with it. In the ZIBO folder you can find two files called B738_Commands.txt and B738_Datarefs.txt. They list all commands and datarefs for the ZIBO including descriptions. Unfortunately, not all addon developers include those information. In those cases I use the DataRefTool https://github.com/leecbaker/datareftool. It lists all commands and datarefs. Can be a bit buggy at times, but generally speaking a nice and useful tool. Let me know if you need any help! Thanks, Marco
  12. Hi Dave, I just checked to log and it seems that the plugin is picking up the wrong profile: 2022-03-01 11:07:21 [INFO] Aircraft Profile 'D:\X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/XMidiCtrl/Profiles/XMidiCtrl.toml' found Let me quickly explain, how the system tries to load aircraft profiles: As a very first step, I look into the current aircraft folder, e.g. 'D:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\B737-800X', for a file called XMidiCtrl.toml. If this file exists, it will be used otherwise I continue with step 2. If no profile was found in the current aircraft folder, I will have a look at the common profile folder. In your case this would be folder 'D:\X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/XMidiCtrl/Profiles/'. This plugin will search for a file called <ICAO_Aircraft>_XMidiCtrl.toml. For the 737-800 the file name would be B738_XMidiCtrl.toml. I the plugin still didn't found any profile it will search for a file called XMidiCtrl.toml within the common profile folder. In your case 'D:\X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/XMidiCtrl/Profiles/XMidiCtrl.toml' So, why did I implement steps 2 and 3. Well, quite a few people didn't want to have to aircraft configuration directly in the aircraft directory. In case of an aircraft update you have to backup the XMidiCtrl configuration etc. That's the reason I created a directory within the preferences to store all the different configurations for the aircrafts. Since the files cannot be called just XMidiCtrl.toml I decided to add the ICAO name of the aircraft as a prefix. Step 3 was implemented, because a user wanted to create one common aircraft configuration which applies to all his aircraft. The common aircraft profile will be loaded if no individual profile was found. You can find this information in the documentation, as well (https://mauer.github.io/xmidictrl/#/profile). I would recommend the following steps: 1. Delete the file 'D:\X-Plane 11/Output/preferences/XMidiCtrl/Profiles/XMidiCtrl.toml' 2. Make sure that you have a file called XMidiCtrl.toml in the aircraft directory of the ZIBO. Hope that helps, Marco
  13. Same here! While I love flying the Challenger, most enjoyment I get by flying older aircrafts. All those modern aircrafts are highly automated. Cannot wait to fly the MU-2. I probably will create some tour around Japan. Haven't been there a lot in X-Plane and it's time to discover this country. The MU-2 seems to be perfect for that.
  14. For everyone following this thread, it tried to compile XMidiCtrl for older macOS versions, but it didn't work. You need at least macOS 10.15 to get it working. I'm sorry about that, but lots of the libraries I'm using (such as RtMidi) require at least C++11
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