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  1. Sorry to hear that. Good luck. I hope you’re into the virtual skies again soon.
  2. Ok, then you should disable whatever blocked that file from being installed and run the CL-650’s installer again. If you’re generally concerned about PC security, reasonably so, run the subsequently installed XPL file through VirusTotal before starting the sim, you’ll find it’s “clean” and safe.
  3. Patience, please. There’s another big update coming.
  4. Can you check if this file exists …/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/CL650/plugins/systems/win_x64/systems.xpl ? I’m guessing your antivirus has blocked the install or loading of this code.
  5. Most likely you don’t have the Gizmo plugin installed or running. Please check your Log.txt.
  6. Can you provide screenshots so we can better understand the scenarios, please?
  7. Ah. Unfortunately that really only works with default/basic aircraft addons, not complex third party ones with custom systems like the CL-650. You’ll need to use the 650’s own state saving system via Airframe Manager.
  8. By what means are you saving/loading a “situation”? Can you provide a screenshot please?
  9. Doesn’t look to be directly related to using radios, more to do with the flight plan. Can you give the full route programmed into the FMS, what leg was active at the time, and what actions were taken exactly prior to the crash, please? Basically we need as much detail as possible, and if possible steps to reproduce. Thanks.
  10. (1) may be a bug insofar as it using the typed and not rounded value, but I seem to recall being told the rounded value was what happened in the real box. (2) & (3), again, I seem to recall being told this was correct. But I would have to confirm my memory isn’t faulty.
  11. Check the engine speed switches on the pedestal are in the ON position. And the breakers are all in. May have been inadvertently moved.
  12. Can you provide the full route, please? Can you also clarify exactly what edit(s) you made prior to the crash? Is this repeatable? Thanks.
  13. Simmers don’t verify their flight plan fully every time?? I’m shocked, shocked I tell ye.
  14. Assuming you’re talking about the CL-650, you’ll still need nav data from the current or previous cycle to use the FAA charts feature, such as that provided by Navigraph or Aerosoft.
  15. You have to use the Behringer software to set up the X-Touch to work best (at all?) with the plugin. https://mauer.github.io/xmidictrl/#/behringer_xtouch_mini
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