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  1. @gigabenga I think the problem is that FWDW does not exist in the X-Plane airport database. Is it an add-on airport you've installed? You can check the Gateway database at https://gateway.x-plane.com/airports/page.
  2. @Nico3478 That’s a good find! However publishing developers’ original files to a public forum is going to get you in trouble. I’m sure you’re just trying to help but you should delete them before the administrators have to do it for you.
  3. @Attitude I’m guessing they’re referring to this thread
  4. Just (re)move it out of the plugins directory. There’s nothing more to it.
  5. They are completely different, so yes, you have to install FlyWithLua.
  6. @Nico3478In the meantime I suggest using the datarefs for the switches, which are used by RealSimGear and are available for reference in CommandMapping.ini. One downside is they don't trigger the nice switch sounds. Hopefully something TorqueSim can look at.
  7. I also have a weird noise when using commands from the Saitek switch panel. It's like a creaking sound, very odd. Sound recording attached. ;command for battery master switch on command bat_master_switch_on_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat1_On ;command for battery master switch off command bat_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat1_Off ;command for battery master switch on command2 bat2_master_switch_on_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat2_On ;command for battery master switch off command2 bat2_master_switch_off_cmd = afm/sr/cmd/switches/bat2_Off The same sound will also play out fo
  8. In real life you steer with the TBM’s rudder pedals, as such it’s the same in the simulator, i.e. whatever is assigned to the yaw axis. “Nosewheel tiller” axis should be used on planes that have exactly that, a tiller. I guess the default planes have a convenience feature that it also works on planes where a tiller does not exist, e.g. the 172. The Hot Start TBM is more about realism than convenience.
  9. Press the red button at the bottom of the audio control panel on the left hand side.
  10. @Nico3478 Have you considered that you named the command FlyWithLua/NBESR22/Switch_Bat_On but are calling it as FlyWithLua/NBETBM9/Switch_Bat_On? @Coop Are there non-toggle commands? I.e. One for each absolute switch position? E.g. bat1_On, bat1_Off, etc. This makes this kind of integration with hardware much easier as it doesn’t require testing the state of datarefs from Lua scripts.
  11. I think Navigraph charts are being added to the Challenger 650 from Hot Start, so we can hope that after that is released it will be backported to the TBM in time.
  12. It may be valid, but that doesn’t mean the G1000 provided by X-Plane doesn’t have bugs (it has many). The TBM developer can’t overcome every odd behaviour of the G1000. Did you try my flight plan suggestion?
  13. Try adding more of a flight plan and you may find the GPS needle starts to work. Hard to see from the low resolution screenshot what VOR is tuned. Was it ITH? Compared to the other G1000 equipped aircraft, the TBM includes a custom radio reception simulation so you might just need to be not on the ground to get a bearing pointer.
  14. This looks like it might be the “airport name too long” issue that a user had today. The offending scenery was for SCEL, but could be any with a name longer than 48 characters, if I recall. The name comes from parsing the apt.dat file in airport scenery. See if you might be able to remove some obvious candidates and try to narrow it down?
  15. Having been a party to the Discord conversation (just as a user, not affiliated with Hot Start, etc.) I believe it was 48 characters maximum. But it’s not the folder name, it’s the airport name in the apt.dat file that was the issue for the other user.
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