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  1. It’s where you send emulated ADS-C position reports to. E.g. http://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/message.html?msgid=8178875. Some virtual airlines use them, apparently.
  2. You can try an older version, yes. Or doing a clean uninstall with Display Driver Uninstaller tool. It’s hard to say, could be anything. Graphics drivers are super complicated.
  3. Still graphics drivers, unfortunately.
  4. We are testing preliminary X-Plane 12 support in the beta release of CL-650. But there’s a lot of work to do to make it fully compatible, and may take multiple releases.
  5. On the DCP, select MENU, and it’s the top selection alongside FPV.
  6. Hard Landing Indicator System. Left hand side of pilot’s seat, next to the oxygen mask.
  7. Per-airframe settings. Most likely you didn’t transition the packs off the APU and onto engine bleed. Suggest using the virtual first officer and checklists to do this for you. It’s required because TO becomes unavailable at a set altitude. No N1 thrust limit set means no ATS. Transition the packs and you’ll be able to select CLB. It’s all in the checklists, and spelled out in the documentation, in sim and in the aircraft directory.
  8. This failure will be added to the product so you can try this out for yourself in the safety of your own home!
  9. There’s no list, just what can be found in the X-Plane controls or DataRefTool. Many of us use XMidiCtrl to interface with the X-Touch and that has lots of useful functions in its example: https://github.com/mauer/xmidictrl/blob/main/resources/examples/CL60_XMidiCtrl.toml
  10. Also “up” and “down” commands may be backwards to what you expect.
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