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  1. thank you jcallum do you know how to activate it ? how to have the pop-up window of X-Aviation to enter mail and serial ?
  2. Good morning all I have been looking for several days to solve a problem with the TBM 900 It is impossible to reassemble the crash bar! I uninstalled and reinstalled version 1.11 without result I disabled all plugins without results I looked again at the tutorial: all the switches are OFF except Ignition. In this config it must be possible to raise the crash bar, except that with me it resets in the next second Can a user of this plane confirm to me that as soon as the plane is loaded, without touching anything, the crash bar can be raised? if not after what actions is it pos
  3. I made a new test with UK south and center installed and I had a new XP crash When XP restarted, I accepted the repositioning of the plane and then it worked normally With a flight outside UK no problem LogTBM_ORBX.zip TBM900_Log_ORBX.zip
  4. CTD today with version 1.1.3, before take-off: TBM900 [except.c: 171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION XP11.30r1 - no plugins installed - no flyght plan ! Log.txt
  5. When opening the doors using "Payload", the pilot's door freezes during opening and the sound turns in a loop. I have reloaded the plane to open all doors (this is the second time I have this problem) A bug? After applying the checklist, when releasing the parking brake, the nose of the plane is lifted !!!!!! A bug ? I am in version 11.30b1, without any plugin to install
  6. This project seems interesting .... For the scenes of Nantucket and Plum Island, the seasons will be present?
  7. Hello Daemotron I upgraded X-Plane 11.11r2 and reinstalled the Nantucket scenery. Everything is working correctly now Thanks for your help
  8. It works this afternoon ... Log Nantucket.zip
  9. Hi Cameron To answer your topic on the forum about the error message loading the Nantucket scene, I do not have the permissions on the forum to send attachments! neither in PM! Do you have another way to send my log.txt file? Thank you
  10. Hello I bought the KACK Nantucket scenery made by "iBlueYonder" and sold by X-Aviation Every time I load XP 11.11r2, I get an error message telling me about a problem with this scene. In my log.txt, I have this: "Faulty airport ID found in custom scenery - import aborted.Read custom scenery info for: Y: \ X-Plane 11 \ Custom Scenery \ A_KACK_Nantucket Island \ Earth nav data \ apt.dat Evaluating custom path: Y: \ X-Plane 11 \ Custom Scenery \ A_KACK_Nantucket Roads \ Earth nav data \ apt.dat Did not find any airport data in this scenery. " Do you have an idea to solve this prob
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