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Getting Loupedeck Live to work on xp12


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No success getting this to work. Downloaded xMidiCtrl and installed in XP12 plugins. Also downloaded two example profiles (SR22 and Zibo 737) and put those in the respective aircraft folders. I have idea how to get this working. Should it start automatically when opening xp12? Here is a copy of my XP12 log. I do not see a copy of the xMidiCtrl log in the xplane folder. I think I have watched every possible YT vid on this but still missing something. When I open xp12 I get a dialog box that is titled XMidiCtrl Log Viewer but i don't know what any of it means. What do you suggest I do next?

Brad Haller

Log 4 25 24.txt

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Hi Brad,

I'm sorry for the late reply. Has been a rather busy week for me.

Looking at your Log.txt it seems that the plugin was loaded correctly. Unfortunately, I cannot read the XMIdiCtrl_Log.txt - it shows some Chinese characters, only.

The most important thing is to configure your Loupedeck in order to send and receive MIDI messages. I don't own a Loupedeck and cannot really help, but others in this forum have been successful and there is even a little tutorial available.

The profiles should be placed in the folder .\Output\preferences\XMidiCtrl\Profiles - then you have all profiles in a single place. That's much better than placing them directly in the aircraft folder.

Each profile has a section called [[device]] which includes the two parameters port_in and port_out. You have to enter here the correct ports for your device.

Have a look at the documentation, please. I tried to explain how the creation of profiles works:

A screenshot of your MIDI Devices screen of XMidiCtrl would be useful, too.



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