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  1. The G1000 automatically changes to mach when the aircraft goes beyond 255 knots TAS. I am not quite sure about the specific speed number but it must be something around 255 knots.
  2. I tried out a few airports and I tried to reproduce the issue: 1. I was able to reproduce the exact same issue on EDVE. I did the following: "Show chart" -> "Star" -> selection menu -> scrolled down ->Freeze 2. The same issue happened to me also on EDDM. I did the following: "Show chart" -> "DP" -> selection menu -> scrolled down ->Freeze 3. However on other airports happened nothing and I was able to select any chart without a freeze. On the following airports happened nothing: LFPG, EDDS. KBOS, EDDW, EDSB After the freezes on EDVE and
  3. I actually can get out of the page after the freeze. I only have to push the inner knob of the FMS knob and then I can push "go back". However if I go to the charts page again it will still show me the freezed window. I think it happens randomly to different charts but I will test it out. I will post back the results in a short time.
  4. Hello, The "charts" page of the Tbm suddenly freezed in the selecting menu (see image below) when I tried to select another chart. The same issue happened to me a few months ago but I forgot about it since I use the charts option rarely. There was no CTD and there were no further problems with the flight except for the charts page freezing. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  5. Yes, I will post it to you immediately after the CTD. But it could take some time because these CTDS happen very random. As for now, thank you for helping me.
  6. The log is not immediately after the CTD because after it crashed i restarted the sim to end my flight properly. After that I posted the log. You have to scroll up a bit to find the concerned line. That's the reason why I quoted. The date of the crash is 2019-12-23 08:17:29. That's the line I am refering to. I did turn off the AI traffic in advance to prevent a CTD like this. That's reason why I am so surprised with it. By the way, thank you for the info with the GPU drivers. I have updated them now. TBM900_Log.txt
  7. I have it turned off and I don't use any specific traffic plugins. I don't know why it's happening anyway.
  8. Hello, I want to inform you that the exception handler bug is still alive in 1.1.10. Shortly after takeoff the game suddenly freezed and crashed a few seconds later. When I looked inside the log.txt, It said this: "2019-12-23 08:17:29 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" I thought the new update was supposed to fix this issue but apparantly the bug still remains. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  9. Thank you for your response. I already asked about the issue on the Hot Start discord. Toto confirmed to me that this issue is a bug which is not on my side. I appreciate your hard work that you both are putting into this aircraft.
  10. I did a clean reinstall of the airplane but it didn't fix the issue. Despite this issue the Tbm 900 is still a great airplane, so for now I will leave it like that. Maybe I will later delete the State folder but actually I don't want to lose my airframes.
  11. Thank you for your advice. I will try reinstalling the Tbm in the next days and I will post back if it actually has fixed the issue.
  12. I don't any have hardware controlling my avionics. I just use a normal Joystick for flying, that's all hardware I'm using for X-Plane. In addition to that I only use very few mods and scenery addons too. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  13. Actually I only wanted to land on a high elevation airport (10700 feet). But before landing the EDM kicked in because of a too high cabin altitude. I had to intervene here by pulling the yoke (Probably the "override" part). Otherwise the Tbm would have crashed into the mountains .
  14. What does the red CAS message "EDM override" mean on the Tbm 900?
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