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  1. Hi, today on my flight to Chicago (icing conditions) my left AOA sensor quits on approach. The message shows something like "AOA heat L". I'm not sure, what was the exact CAS-message. As a result of the lost AOA sensor my Stall Pusher failed. After Landing I shut off the engines and tried to test the SPS system. The pilots pusher failed. Is it a bug or have I caused a technical problem with the aircraft? And can I fix it? Some further information's: Pitot Heats and all heats (Cowl, Wing, Windshield) were on. And all outside cover were removed (the first thing I looked for after the failur
  2. I tried it at LEPA 06L, EDVE 26, KHND 35L… maybe a few more. Right now I think it occurs on every LPV. Since now I have never flown a LPV approach in the.
  3. I also tried an RNAV approach and deselected LPV, flow Baro references instead. Works well, so the LPV-function seems to be not really okay… hope they will fix it with the next update.
  4. Sorry, posted it twice… can’t delete it
  5. Hey, I got the same problem you have. I try to use RNAV LPV approaches, but I'm always to high. The Glidepath never matches up to the PAPIs along the runway. Maybe the problem is, that the final descend into the GP begins too late. I tried it with Temp Correction on and of, because I first though about the problem in front of the PC, but it happens always. And Temp Correction should only be used, when Temp is outside of the limits (published in the charts).
  6. If you want you could bind that panel to a button on your keyboard. I’m not sure how exactly the binding was named, but it is available under the aircraft-specific keys. Just give it a try. It helps a lot.
  7. Hi, I’m very impressed about the quality of this bird. Okay it’s expensive, but please try to compare which addon has been released in this quality. It’s really impressing. After a few successful flights a got mainly one question left: how can I sequence the flightplan in the fms for approach? I’m familiar with flying airbus models, in which I can “build” an extended centreline as visual reference for the final approach (except RNP AR). Is there a special procedures how sequencing in the Challenger 650 is done? It’s very useful when you are getting vectors from ATC. hope somebod
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