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  1. would love to see a video of these clouds in action with an FPS counter thnx
  2. is there any way to test this out because I got seriously burned with my V4 purchase over the holidays, you might remember @Cameron ? Thanks.
  3. Me too. The latest build is indeed the best so far. I've deleted SkyMaxx Pro for these. Thanks for the recommendation @rawdmon
  4. @JohnMAXX thanks for the response man, it proves you're invested and that in itself is something. I want to but I can't apologize for the title of my message, because if you had been in the same room as me you would have literally asked me: what's so funny?... It's really not a big deal, I got SMP on sale and knew I was taking a bit of a gamble, but I spent the weekend testing out clouds, taking short little hops and all the things we do as FS hobbyists when we get new toys. So, there I was... thrilled to bits with the FPS at EDDM in the Fly-J Sim 732 (normally fly IXEG 733) sometimes reaching
  5. I know you guys do your best and put a lot of effort into the art and code of this and I respect that, but man this is the second time I've regretted buying SkyMaxx Pro. I've tinkered with the settings, watched all the YouTube videos, searched high and low on the internet, and after getting sub 20 FPS at cruising altitude, when I had 40 - 50 FPS on the ground at Short Final's incredibly detailed EDDM with online VATSIM traffic, I'm just floored at this product. How is it possible to get the worst frame-rates of the entire flying experience at FL 260? (and get booted off VATSIM as a result). Ye
  6. @Tony123 The Kodiak Quest is actually really nice. You should try it! Although, I rarely fly it because of this plane, but I should as it's a very different animal and very well modeled.
  7. Six months since release and I just want to say this TBM 900 is hands down my all time favorite plane in X-Plane. It has a place in my heart reserved for the absolute crème de la crème. Two decades of flight sim and I'm constantly amazed at the levels developers rise to. Keep up the superior work!
  8. I think the issue is sensitivity. Pedals are extremely sensitive in this model. For example pedals in the the new JRollons SF260 Marchetti are not as sensitive and to me 'feel' natural. Same with the Kodiak. My take on it is the TBM900 is simulated accurately and correctly, it's just that there's a sensitivity issue that is not accounted for as we all have different hardware.
  9. You'll run it fine. It runs great for me in VR on a system a stop down from yours. Scenery is at high.
  10. I did two hours of touch and go's last night in the hopes of memorizing the rudder "feel" for this wonderful plane in X-Plane. Unfortunately I struggled each time on the take-off part. The slightest touch on the rudder pedal required another (lesser) counter touch and within a couple of seconds I was zigzagging. By the end of my two hour session I hadn't got any better. I don't have this problem in any other add-on. I don't have the 11.3 beta where I believe there is a sensitivity control and curve option, but I feel that will solve this rudder issue for me at least.
  11. I tried searching but can't find a definitive answer: are navigraph charts viewable withing the G1000 yet? Thanks!
  12. Hi - I couldn't seem to find any info on this anywhere. Apologies of it has been asked before. I can't seem to find a way to map the fuel cutoff switches to buttons on my Saitek throttle? Thanks! Len
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