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  1. something is up with your machine because XP11 easily runs better than P3D. It can take a little while to get XP11 working the way you might want it, but the good news is all the resources are out there on the web to help.
  2. Wouldn't RAAS be available in the real Challenger? I wasn't able to find the feature to turn off the flaps warning in the X-RAAS settings
  3. Hi guys - last night upon landing at KRNO my reversers didn't deploy despite them being turned on. A message in yellow appeared on the CAS saying they are not working (can't remember the exact wording). Any ideas? Also, as I was shutting down I got a warning in red regarding the nose wheel door. I was not able to close it inside or out using the little switch inside the APU door. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Thanks
  4. Thought I'd try VR (looks awesome) and out of habit I clicked on the FMS to make it into a window and X-Plane crashed. Log.txt
  5. Thanks for sharing your deeply knowledgeable insight Oliver, Not being a corporate pilot, I didn't realize that in the real thing the pilot had to get out of his seat, head over to the touch screen panel above the sink, press an announcement button, and then head back to his seat each time. But now I know ;-)
  6. Apologies, if this has been asked and answered somewhere before, but is it possible to have the cabin announcements automate? It would be a ton more immersive if it was triggered somehow. Thanks so much Len
  7. It makes screenshots and videos look better. When the time comes perhaps give the option at least. You do have a pilot in the TBM. It would look weird without one. Thank you!
  8. awesome, yea I was going to ask for this to be added (even optional for those that don't want em) especially as the TBM has a pilot . the 650 is so small it's hard to avoid a screen shot that doesn't show an empty cockpit Thank you! Len
  9. Done and thanks for the quick response. I actually didn't have anything installed, so I installed the TBM and all is good now. Cheers, Len
  10. I am receiving this warning when trying to log into X-Aviation inside X-Plane. The only thing I can think of that might be causing it is I reinstalled X-Plane. Would love some advice before the Challenger 650 comes out!
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