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  1. @sundog Unfortunately adjusting the SkyMaxx shadows isn't an option for me. I fly in VR and the cloud shadows are disabled when in the cockpit view in VR (you had explained to me this was done because it was making the cockpit too dark) and also, if I go outside the aircraft to view them they shift left to right when I move my head. Both issues would need to be fixed then I'd be all set. Since I can't get ground shadows at all with SkyMaxx in VR right now I'm weighing my options and considering moving back to the stock cloud system with a different add-on.
  2. @sundog Hey Frank, is there any way at all to just re-enable the default X-Plane ground shadows while SkyMaxx is active? I honestly don't really care if the shadows line up exactly with the SkyMaxx clouds, just having them there gives so much more depth to the scenery and makes the lighting look way more realistic in VR. Right now in VR I'm basically stuck with either great looking ground shadows and lighting with ugly clouds or ugly ground lighting with nice SMP clouds. It's kind of driving me nuts lol.
  3. This sounds like more of a problem with the plane itself and whatever script the plane runs. Perhaps having SkyMaxx replace the default cloud engine is triggering the problem, but I doubt that it can be fixed on the SkyMaxx side of things. That plane's creator would likely need to fix their script so that it doesn't leak memory like that when SkyMaxx is active. What's probably happening is that the script is checking something to do with the default cloud engine repeatedly and when that gets disabled when SkyMaxx activates it ends up in some sort of infinite loop which leaks memory over tim
  4. Generally that type of error indicates some other program or driver that is conflicting in some way. Step one would be to upgrade your video card driver to the latest version if it's not at the latest. If that doesn't fix it then you'd have to go through a debugging process to figure out what's causing it. One such debugging process link is referenced here: https://community.adobe.com/t5/flash-player/microsoft-visual-c-runtime-library-assertion-failed-error-after-adobe-update/td-p/4246904?page=1 Another option would be trying to roll back to a previous restore point if you have one and s
  5. @Frank So I was flying the other day and noticed that I wasn't seeing those flickers when flying through the clouds. I then messed around a bit and found that the best way to reproduce them is to set the cloud base at about 5000 feet (extending slightly above that) in the weather settings, select scattered clouds, set the time of day to 2:40pm, then make sure you're flying in to the clouds from the side that the sun hits them at (they should look pretty bright white on the side that you're flying in to them from). If the effect is still happening you should see it then. Note that sometimes
  6. That looks like you may have been in the shadow of a cloud. The way SkyMaxx draws it's cloud shadows is different than the way that XPlane does it and the shadows seem to also significantly affect the inside of the plane as well as far as I have noticed. They were looking in to fixing that but not sure if they were able to make any progress with it. They can only work with whatever Laminar opens up in the API for them to use. Maybe try putting the shadow slider to 0 and see if that issue remains?
  7. HDR is on, but the slider is set to high, not max. Using Vulkan, though this happens with OpenGL as well. Anti-aliasing is set at FXAA+SSAAx2.
  8. The effect I'm talking about that I see is when flying through clouds I see flashes of white in the bottom of the left or right eye of my headset. It's like someone is flickering light in to my eyes with mirrors. This only happens when flying through clouds. I use a first edition Oculus headset and that's the only issue I've personally noticed, the clouds otherwise look fine for me all the time (other than the odd "pop-in" effect where part of a cloud will suddenly appear on the left or right close to me). When I fly outside VR I can see moments where the instrument panel will be covered i
  9. I get the same issue which I had also reported to Frank in a different thread and he stated that he was working on several VR related fixes (as he mentioned in his last note). We'll have to wait and see if this ends up being fixed in the next release whenever it's available. @Frank If you want to me to beta test it to check and see if it's resolved prior to release let me know. I can reliably reproduce the issue in the current version. I get this with the fast clouds as well btw.
  10. Cool, well I guess I'll just wait and see what's still broken once the next release drops and report back. If you need a beta tester I'd be all for it.
  11. I just noticed today that when I try to fly in Overcast, Low Visibility, and Foggy in VR the fog looks all wrong. It looks like 3 layers and they move around as you move your head. It happens when moving the camera too outside of VR, though not as noticeable as in VR. I also find it kind of strange to really even have fog to the degree that it does when overcast, it seems like overkill. When I go to Stormy there's no fog and it looks great. It would be nice to have an option to disable the fog layers if they can't be improved. It would then at least allow VR players to fly overcast witho
  12. No problem. I made a small change to the script since I originally posted it to make it a bit more efficient (it only runs once per second now instead of once per frame since that's all that's needed based on my testing). I edited the original post and attached the new version of the script. That's great news about having success addressing some of the VR issues. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Thanks.
  13. The mountains appearing and disappearing happens even when I just move the camera around when outside of VR, so that's not a VR specific issue for me. In terms of the lighting problem, I decided to just create my own flywithlua script to work around that. Attaching it here in case anyone comes across this and has the same issue. auto-rayleigh.lua
  14. Something new that I noticed today when I switched to an external view in VR was that the ground shadows shift when moving my head around. It's like they follow my head slightly left to right but then eventually settle back to where they should be. I'm not sure why the position / movement of my head would be affecting the position of the ground shadows. I would have thought those would just be based on the position of the sun in reference to the clouds and the ground mesh. Another thing I noticed is that at dusk or dawn some of the mountains or large hills in the distance will vanish and
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