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  1. I have a lot of addons installed. I know - one of them could have an influence on this behaviour. I will try to figure out. Just my wish, keep an eye for further releases on this if it is possibe, of course. Thank you for your always presence in this support forum and trying to help! this is not allways at this level as you provide when I compare with other payware addons.
  2. I have to say that I use Gizmo beta. On long-haul fligths fps collapses sometimes after several hours. Disabling/enabling in plugin admin bring it back. Not a big issue, just reporting. Of course I´m not sitting in front of the sreen the whole time. When I come back it is sometimes in the 1-digit (6FPS). Might be my device is underperformed, but on shorter routes (between 2 and 4 hours) There is no issue.
  3. so far so good, two short flights without an issue with actualized graphic driver and an other setting concerning overcast.
  4. Nvidea GTX980M (Notebook). In meantime I installed the latest driver. Will see if it happen again. Let you know.
  5. Overcast setting was Solid Procedural. Sometimes it disappears when I change the texture. Work best with Soft SD. SMP is the latest version and concerning graphic driver I will check. Let you know.
  6. Have some troubles with visuals , see following screen shots. I tried changing settings in Xplane and in SMP also. Sometimes it helps changing the skycolors but mostly not. This happen all of sudden during the flight after some time. On ground it is looking normal, it is a strange layer between 4000ft and FL100. It seems it want drawing overcast even cavok. Changing overcast textures help sometime. Just wanted to report it. X-Plane Settings: At Night: Daylight: from higher altitude: SMP deactivated in Plugin Admin:
  7. Indeed, only two. Anyway - as long I do not choose default skycolors in SMP everything is OK.
  8. Same happens here. Only solutions was: - Deleting the whole bitmap folder in X-Plane directory (only deleting skycolors did not help) - Update X-Plane with the installer which is recreating bitmaps - Deleting SMP Folder from plugins (otherwise the same will happen on next start, even if you deactivate SMP) - Deleting in X-Plane preferences both Windows settings prf files (otherwise the sim will hang on next start) - Restarting X-Plane (demo intro will start) and resetting what you want (windowed sim, graphical settings) - Reinstalling SMP This happens each t
  9. EDIT: Okay - found it, you are right. Font was set 120%. I am an idiot.......
  10. Hi Cameron Thanks for response. I checked the font settings and it isn´t changed higher than 100%. Strange, I can type in the mail address and the installer does not recognize the input.
  11. Hi - perhaps someone can help me. Puchased and downloaded SMP and want to install it. Running the windows installer you have to enter your X-Aviation e-mail address. The field doesn´t accept any input, message " you need to specify a value". Thanks in advance Jack
  12. Isn't this exactly the kind of conversation Cameron is banning other people for such a comment?
  13. Yes. As long as Xplane is limited on three layer that is a challenge...
  14. It Looks great! - congratulation... The only thing left - it is still looking a little bit like a cotton batting layer from above FL 300. I have the impression the announcement of xEnviro pushes a little more drive in how fast further developments are driven. This product is on a good way. I'm curious what the Russians doing. I am a SMP user since V2. Jack
  15. Nvidea Driver 372.54, dated August, 15th helps improving. Don't expect miracles but......who knows.
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