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  1. thank you for the explanation. I see the problem, hope you continue the path and LR is changing their behaviour refusing collaboration with third parties.
  2. Yes, I know. I am speaking about repositioning during dsf tile loading, not only when weather is refreshing from wathever resources. With default clouds I haven´t this effect due to coordinate changes. Refreshing weather information is an other issue, this has indeed to do with x-plane drawing. Might it be that RWC is repositioning the clouds each time it reads new coordinates? I have the impression it is changing frequently, even I set FSGRW downoads to 120 minutes.
  3. So far I am very happy with SMP, if only the changes of cloud repositioning would not happen each time a new DSF tile is loaded caused to coordinate changes during the flight. Without this it would be almost perfect. Happy new year by the way...... Jack
  4. I had this with FSGRW as well. The issue does not happen with ASXP. FSGRW seems to be the culprit but might be also an XP thing. There is a Lua script in Xorg from a forum member which I use: https://forums.x-plane.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=537522
  5. I confirm in my case the same picture. I also fly with photo scenery. Will try without next time.
  6. It is also my experience. I bought it the second time as you had, because this are the best clouds you can get for XPlane 11 Vulkan at the moment. The performance is massive better compared with the fist releases of SMP but is still an issue. Interesting - the performance is changing between good an poor during a flight at cruise level with an airliner and this not always belonging how many clouds are drawed. When this happen CPU is at an average of 40% while GPU sometimes is at the limit but not always. I had also the issue in low FPS (16) with a GPU load of 70% only. CPU seems not be the issue. As good as the visuals (and FPS) are on lower levels, at cruise level with an airliner, the visuals are sometime great but the limitation of the drawing aerea due to poor performance makes it worse. Sad, but I understand the difficulties in developing weather enhancements, especially in this flight sim, while LR did not care for it. By the way - I also tried noise rendered clouds from the competitor which does not work in Vulkan, but that needs way more performance and visuals are poor because I can not rise the settings. For me a no go, I deinstalled it. For others it works great, HW is a big issue, because there are some complains also with good and powerful GPU´s. So, still hoping in further development in SMP or LR will do something in further releases.
  7. I will do as far it is still satisfying in visual outcome, thank you. One day, perhaps you will find a solution cloud shaders needing less performance. Or an other approach is - I need new hardware......
  8. So in meantime I can say that it is not a Gizmo issue. There is sometime a scattering-overcast-cirrus combination which brings my GPU (which is not the latest, more powerful model) to the limit. Disabling/enabling simply redraws clouds in a slightly different combination and this brings the performance back.
  9. I have a lot of addons installed. I know - one of them could have an influence on this behaviour. I will try to figure out. Just my wish, keep an eye for further releases on this if it is possibe, of course. Thank you for your always presence in this support forum and trying to help! this is not allways at this level as you provide when I compare with other payware addons.
  10. I have to say that I use Gizmo beta. On long-haul fligths fps collapses sometimes after several hours. Disabling/enabling in plugin admin bring it back. Not a big issue, just reporting. Of course I´m not sitting in front of the sreen the whole time. When I come back it is sometimes in the 1-digit (6FPS). Might be my device is underperformed, but on shorter routes (between 2 and 4 hours) There is no issue.
  11. so far so good, two short flights without an issue with actualized graphic driver and an other setting concerning overcast.
  12. Nvidea GTX980M (Notebook). In meantime I installed the latest driver. Will see if it happen again. Let you know.
  13. Overcast setting was Solid Procedural. Sometimes it disappears when I change the texture. Work best with Soft SD. SMP is the latest version and concerning graphic driver I will check. Let you know.
  14. Have some troubles with visuals , see following screen shots. I tried changing settings in Xplane and in SMP also. Sometimes it helps changing the skycolors but mostly not. This happen all of sudden during the flight after some time. On ground it is looking normal, it is a strange layer between 4000ft and FL100. It seems it want drawing overcast even cavok. Changing overcast textures help sometime. Just wanted to report it. X-Plane Settings: At Night: Daylight: from higher altitude: SMP deactivated in Plugin Admin:
  15. Indeed, only two. Anyway - as long I do not choose default skycolors in SMP everything is OK.
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