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  1. Hi Cameron, I have managed to claw back 60 fps with the SR22 and wanted to pass on my thanks to the Torquesim team for such a great creation. For anyone else struggling with fps drop on the SR22, the settings that I have to use for 60 fps at 1920x1080 are below. I have a Ryzen 5800X and an RTX 3060 12GB GPU with 32GB 3600Mhz DDR4 RAM. Thanks Cameron, this was not the fault of the SR22, which, while heavy on the frames, is not the culprit of the disappearing VRAM, that's the way XP manages VRAM in Vulkan, which I wasn't aware of until now.
  2. I can win back 4-5 fps by dropping to 2x AA. It definitely doesn't win me back the 15 frames I'm losing with the SR22, that I don't lose with the TBM900. The model looks great but the performance of the sim, the smoothness in panning that is lost below 50 frames, that's what's important for me.
  3. By comparison, I can run your TBM900 at 60 FPS in the same situation.
  4. UPDATE I have checked and checked again and it's not the SR22 using up all the VRAM, it's something else, I think scenery and the 'new' way XP processes VRAM. Either way, I am still losing 15 FPS with the SR22 which unfortunately is a price I'm not willing to pay currently. Is there any way that I can claim a refund as I have only just purchased this aircraft and it doesn't run well enough for me to enjoy it? Thank you
  5. Hi, I have just purchased the SR22 and I have a 12GB RTX 3060. The SR22 uses up all of the VRAM if I have Textures set to Max. No other payware causes this to happen. Why does this model use so much VRAM? My fresh XP11 installation with Orbx True Earth uses about 9GB but when I load the SR22, it goes up to 11.5gb and the sim slows down. The SR22 costs me 20-25 frames per second. My fps drops from 60 to 35/40 when I load and try to fly the SR22. Is there any solution to this problem? I do not have this issue with any other scenery or payware aircraft and I am a seasoned graphics professional who knows my way around the sim and the way the textures are managed and displayed. I have also read a similar post on here suggesting to lower the Texture settings, which helps me if I drop it a notch but I shouldn't have to because the SR22 shouldn't be using anywhere close to 2GB VRAM. I only run at 1920x1080 and have a Ryzen 5800X running at 4.8ghz with no additional overclocking. Thank you for your help, Toby EDIT - Dropping from Maximum to High frees up 2.4GB of VRAM.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Will test next week when I have some more time in the sim.
  7. I have just purchased the TBM900 and have started it for the first time. Upon following the first tutorial, when I am supposed to introduce fuel (move out of cutoff), I get the text error pop up saying 'Caution, the engine has accumulated fuel residue'. I have had this twice now, the first engine start led to a fire, the second worked after manually moving the throttle into cutoff (by default it wasn't in cutoff). What am I doing wrong? I do have the FlyAgi tweak plugin installed, as well as X-Camera and X_ATC chatter. Are there any known conflicts with plug-ins or am I doing something wrong? I noticed that the tutorial doesn't mention setting 'ignition' to ON but the engines won't start without it. Thanks for any tips and help, Toby
  8. Thank you - that's great to know that it was PE and not the aircraft.
  9. Creating PFPX aircraft profiles is not easy, if you want it to be accurate, but some people do enjoy it. Until then, there are several apps available iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/tbm-proflite/id625461905?l=en&mt=8 iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tbm-performance/id641403446?mt=8 Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pohperformance.TBM&hl=en
  10. +1 for hidden rollover like on Aerobask aircraft.
  11. @Schorle I would be interested to hear if the two updates have helped you with performance? Do you own the Saab 340a by any chance and by way of comparison?
  12. Do we all start with a factory fresh aircraft that we can service before and after each flight? I really am looking forward to a detailed review by Q8 or similar of this aircraft before I decide to dedicate the time required to learning to fly it correctly. Thank you Cameron.
  13. One of the reasons that ask is that when I watched Catstrator streaming, his landing gear failed on the first flight, which seems unlikely if we are all starting with a well serviced and new aircraft. Q. What % chance is there that something will go wrong? Not everybody has unlimited time to set up a flight and then restart every time something goes wrong that they are not trained to deal with. Add something like Pilot Edge into the mix and my hands are full with navigation and communication and I do not relish the added stress of a random failure every flight that I haven't been trained for. I respect your decision and would love to learn how to fly this work of art but with limited time to fly, I would also appreciate the option to turn failures off. I strongly feel that that should be an option for those of us with limited time to fly, otherwise what should be a pleasure will quickly turn into a chore and will not be used as much as other payware that are more stress free after a hard day at work and then an evening with the family.. Thank you, Toby
  14. Another option would be just to make the hundreds and thousands numbers clickable. One left click to increase by 1000ft, one right click to decrease etc. Thanks to all for this patch, very excited to learn this aircraft. One of the very best small turboprops that I have had the pleasure to own. I think the only thing that I miss is a clicky noise when touching the flap lever. I have that assigned to my throttle but it's impossible to know, without looking, if it has been set correctly during busy phases of flight such as climb out and approach.
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