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  1. Hi, When I updated to v1.3 with the 737, Xplane was crashing in the first 3 min. So I uninstalled Skymax Pro because I had to update it anyway. Did another testflight and no more crashing at the moment. I still have Skunkcrafts updater installed. Later I will install the latest version Skymax Pro and see and hope it doesn't crash.
  2. Hi, I have some small visual issues, inside the cockpit. 1) Looking at the captain seat you can see through it and see the circuit breakers. 2) In the front left, this little flap when looking from behind seems also to be transparant. No big deal when flying this great plane v1.3. I'm on Xplane v11.41
  3. Hello, Did a short night flight, same version 1.1.8 and I don't have that problem, I tried different cloud configurations and playing with the aircraft lights but I don't have that "glowing orb". I also see that you have a Radeon graphics card, do you have the latest drivers ? How many plugins you use ? Try to disable some plugins and see if the problem still happens. I'm using Nvidia graphics card with the latest drivers.
  4. Hello, I had the same issue with 1.1.7 and yesterday I did 1hr flight with 1.1.8 and yes it is gone.
  5. I'm not sure what it is but I would try this uninstall the TBM 900, and then do a fresh re-install
  6. And your LOG.TXT from Xplane...also :-)
  7. Hi, I'm not sure but it seems something with your Radeon drivers from your graphics card. Are your drivers up to date ? Upload your log.txt so the developers can have a look.
  8. Hi, this is fixed in v1.1.6
  9. Hi, Brakes should work, did you update at version 1.1.4c?
  10. Hello, when I was inspecting the landing gear a few questions came up. (not about the missing gear cover) On the right gear I can see 2 tubes. (are these the brake fluid lines? ) On the left gear I can see only 1 tube connected. Is this like the real aircraft or is there something missing on the left gear ? Looking near the right main landing wheel it seems there is no brake tube/line. Same on the left wheel I think. Is this still work in progress? Kind regards.
  11. Hello, Today I did a first night flight. 2 things I have noticed : 1) Callsign N900AZ seems to be illuminated with all systems off. 2) When I turn on the acces lights and the small light above the pilot's head, it seems that the nose wheel well is slightly illuminated. Also when looking at the doors, the light seems to shine through (look at the door contour)
  12. Hi, You have the default X-Plane logbook...
  13. The pilot must stay ! But an option to add or remove the pilot would be nice. (like the co-pilot) A little bit nicer looking pilot would be great
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