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  1. Copt that Gentleman, look forward to it!
  2. I noticed when the wind is blowing through the engine and the fan is rotating there is no sound of the blades clinking.
  3. Downloaded the C+ and all is good now! Thanks guys for all your help!
  4. Just updated to latest release but after loading I click on switches and but nothing happens. I hear a sound but the switches dont move..Any ideas??
  5. Same with me.. I have to use the one in the IXEG menu
  6. Strange on how some of you are getting terrible FPS....Im getting around 79-100 FPS on a 2K display with only a 1080, but that was after I removed the Realview plugin
  7. Guys, Great job on getting this fixed and a big shout out to Torquesim for an update not even a week later...so after loading up the non G5 model, I noticed the nightlighting is different and also the passenger signs work in this version but not the G5 model...It seems G5 model is version 1.0 not 1.0.1....
  8. I'm getting the same thing....I also noticed my Transponder shows some glitch graphics
  9. My G5 Plugin no longer works in the BN-2
  10. Can no longer use brakes on my joystick...is this a new bug?
  11. Yes Guys Awesome job on this update, an absolute joy to fly, very Impressive. Thanks for your hard work in the updates!
  12. Does the TBM automatically utilize all cores on your CPU?
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