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  1. Thanks Jan: Can you give me directions to the Lnk? As I said above, when I click on my previous purchase of this, it directs me to a purchase option whereas when I click on other products I have purchased here, it leads me to a download. Thanks!!
  2. Hello: I purchased this AC a couple years ago. I was looking to reinstall on my new system and when i click on my order history for this AC there is no reinstall option, it just directs me to purchase. Is that correct? If so, is there any rebate for previous purchasers? Thanks, Dave
  3. Disregard; figured it out. Just had to uncheck the PD3D Box.
  4. Hello: I just purchased the above and when I unzipped it, it seems to be strictly for P3D. Is there a different version for XP11? went back to the X-Aviation Website and am still only seeing one version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  5. ALL Is good. I just realized even though the Oil Quantity button is green, I need to hit that to fill NOT the Oil Quantity to the right.
  6. Here you go. If I hit the button for Oil Refill, nothing happens. BTW- All is green and repaired on all other menus.
  7. Hello: Been flying this plane since it first came out (LOVE IT!) with no issues. Long story short, I had a problem today which required me to repair many items. However. when I tried to refill the oil through Maintenance Manager, it would not let me. the button was grayed out and would not let me pay the $500 to refill. Could make ALL other repair, just not this. What was I doing wrong? Thanks, Dave
  8. SOLVED- The trick is you need to hit the ENT key to adjust the MAp View, which, if I am reading the G1000 Manual correctly, is not the way it is done on the real thing which is what was throwing me.
  9. That's exactly what I did, but when I do that it Says North Track up and I can't seem to change. I tried rotating knobs, etc., but no luck. How do I change from North up to Map Track up
  10. That was my point; the real G1000 manual says you can adjust.
  11. Are we only able to have the G1000 map orientated with "North Up"? In reading the G1000 manual it appears there are other mode such as "Direction of Flight Up". Are they available?
  12. Check in the Maintenance section and verify your elevator linkage is not broken. I had the same issue and that was the culprit.
  13. Hi: Is there a Log Book which tracks your flights for this AC? I swear I saw one, but maybe I am mistaken. Thanks, Dave
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