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Can Failures be turned off?

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One of the reasons that ask is that when I watched Catstrator streaming, his landing gear failed on the first flight, which seems unlikely if we are all starting with a well serviced and new aircraft.

Q. What % chance is there that something will go wrong?

Not everybody has unlimited time to set up a flight and then restart every time something goes wrong that they are not trained to deal with. Add something like Pilot Edge into the mix and my hands are full with navigation and communication and I do not relish the added stress of a random failure every flight that I haven't been trained for.

I respect your decision and would love to learn how to fly this work of art but with limited time to fly, I would also appreciate the option to turn failures off.

I strongly feel that that should be an option for those of us with limited time to fly, otherwise what should be a pleasure will quickly turn into a chore and will not be used as much as other payware that are more stress free after a hard day at work and then an evening with the family..

Thank you,


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9 minutes ago, toby23 said:

Q. What % chance is there that something will go wrong?

The failures like you mentioned are not random. The aircraft has it's own wear and tear tracking, so if something was over stressed it's going to break, just like in the real world. It's not impossible to break something the day you buy it. :)

This aircraft requires proper flying. It is not a just 'get in and go' type of situation. If you want to mimic being a proper pilot, this product is for you.

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Do we all start with a factory fresh aircraft that we can service before and after each flight?

I really am looking forward to a detailed review by Q8 or similar of this aircraft before I decide to dedicate the time required to learning to fly it correctly.

Thank you Cameron.


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Hey toby23.  I remember hearing somewhere you can set wear to accelerated or realistic, but I'm not sure if it was this product or not.  Regardless, like the other posters said, if you are properly flying this aircraft, it will be a VERY long time before something fails on you, so I doubt you'd have an issue.

You are buying this aircraft because it is a whole new level of immersion, so I'd embrace that! I feel as you do, that I don't EVER deal with failures or emergencies in my simming because they are always turned off and I don't have the preparation for it either.  

If you are concerned on pilot edge for realism, then isn't it a great practice to coordinate emergencies on pilot edge too?  After all, if you don't make it to your destination, then your time there has actually been shortened and you had fun dealing with it.  Anything defective on the ground can be FOUND on the ground and repaired in the hangar before departure.....so I don't really see any cost of your time there.

Just a thought for you....maybe it will inspire.

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