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  1. Attila, I'm sorry you found this impolite. It's not intended that way. It is matter of fact, and while that may be something you don't like, lying to you about the situation would be worse. We don't have any intentions of going back to spend resources on a dying platform like X-Plane 11. 13% is a small amount of customers to put resources into, and that number will continue to get smaller and smaller as people transition to XP 12. The update will always be available to you and free for X-Plane 12 whenever you decide to make that move.
  2. X-Plane 11 now represents 13% of the MU-2 user base, and that number continues to dwindle. For obvious reasons, we won't be spending time on X-Plane 11 from here on out, but will continue to make available the last working version for it.
  3. You didn't do anything wrong. v2.1.0 only installs if you select X-Plane 12. It is not compatible with XP 11.
  4. See here about APR mode and the GPSS button: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/supplements/spz500.html#fd-mode-control-panel-mcp
  5. Please read through the docs with the link @tADEUS73 posted above. A few things for you... 1. Instead of assigning your throttle axis to throttle 1, assign it to throttle 5. This is in the pull down selection for your throttle assignment in X-Plane. 2. Read the docs in the above posted link about the detent. You'll want to pay attention to the lift command information. This will be how you get into reverse thrust.
  6. Unfortunately a log file is not going to do anything for what you're describing. Shooting a video of what your sequence is would be good though.
  7. I've read of a similar issue happening in a different addon. It seemed to be an issue related to Zinc. Can you try disabling that to see if the problem goes away?
  8. It's an option in the current retail Gizmo, so anyone can get rid of it regardless. That said, it has been entirely removed in the new beta versions of Gizmo, and as I understand it, primarily for perf reasons. Ben knows the answer a bit better than I on that front though.
  9. https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/hardware_setup.html#honeycomb-bravo Pay attention to the lift command.
  10. It was a direct link to all CL650 manuals. There was no ocean of information to wade through.
  11. @jmg225 This is your third topic about this subject in just over a weeks time. Please know there is not going to be some kind of rapid change on this, and we will let you know when it happens. No need to keep asking.
  12. He did. You even responded to him and the link he provided.
  13. You mentioned a joystick, so that's why you were told this. It sounds like you're wanting control via keyboard or mouse though (F1 and F2 do work to advance power). That said, move your mouse to the right of the sim window and click the red Mitsubishi icon that flies out from the side of the window. Then, make sure "Manips with Hardware" is checked.
  14. Really? Come on, man. History says otherwise...that's a disappointing accusation, so I'll remind you of our correspondence from over a year ago.
  15. https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/hardware_setup.html
  16. No you're not: 0:00:51.757 G64: debug: GK: Load license from disk.. 0:00:51.758 G64: debug: GK: License is good. Let's not post about SR22 problems in a TBM thread, please. That said, your anti-virus appears to have nuked a systems plugin included in the SR22 aircraft folder.
  17. Yes, 2.1.0 is for X-Plane 12.
  18. If you are not running X-Plane once in a 14 day period, this will happen.
  19. The G5 is certified for small piston aircraft, so you'd never find one in an MU-2. You could always opt for the G500's though.
  20. Ben worked real hard to get Gizmo in its new version, and it's great that it's working on ARM. That said, we are not suggesting people switch to it yet because it is still a beta and does have some bugs that still need to be worked through. One of those is random activation disconnects, which will disrupt your flight when it happens. Ben is aware of this stuff, but if you happen to ever experience it, you can at least know about it now and not come asking for support. The old version of Gizmo (current retail) will still be available to you in the meantime should that issue arise on your flights.
  21. Hi Stefan, We don't have plans for that as it stands right now.
  22. Absolutely! Just be sure to run the installer for EACH version of X-Plane. Are you sure you have your throttle setup correctly? Please be sure to check the documentation on that: https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/hardware_setup.html
  23. https://www.togasim.com/mu2docs/setup/realityxp.html
  24. Yes, it has always been this way. I think @tkyler has expressed interest in this kind of thing before, but for now the focus is diverting back to IXEG. This release served two purposes. 1. To get a working XP 12 version in your hands. 2. To facilitate a co-sponsored contest with a major retailer.
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