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  1. We do have plans for ARM support in the future. For the time being, you’ll need to run X-Plane using Rosetta on your Mac. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  2. Thank you for the feedback. While it's natural to compare performance between different aircraft to try and identify the source of a problem, it's important to understand that each aircraft has its own set of codes and complexities. If I'm being honest with you, saying things like "it doesn't happen with x aircraft" is mostly a useless metric. I think it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Each aircraft, plugin, or addon interacts differently with the core simulator due to the unique ways they're coded. Hence, while it's useful to know when an issue is widespread across many different aircraft or limited to just one, the comparison doesn't always give a direct solution or cause. For all we know, the IXEG is simply exposing bad code in X-Plane itself that another aircraft may not. It's not always the problem of the add-on itself. I understand the frustration, and our team is dedicated to finding a solution. Starting a bug report with Laminar on this will be key. The more who bug them about it, the better chance there is of a resolution. Like I said, when a plugin or aircraft is pulling a "no, no", X-Plane is sure to call it out in the log. When you see: --=={This application has crashed!}==-- That's a clear indicator of the sim crashing within itself.
  3. You can use any livery designed for the older IXEG 737 Classic, and it will be compatible with the new IXEG 737 Classic Plus. There are many available on various flight simulation forums and websites.
  4. Hello Phil, The issue you're experiencing, where X-Plane hangs upon exit when certain plugins or add-ons are active, is a known issue and has been observed not just with IXEG but with other third-party content as well on Mac systems. We believe the root of the problem lies within how X-Plane manages plugins during the shutdown process. We've communicated this with the Laminar Research team, and we're hoping for a resolution in future updates of X-Plane. For the time being, the only workaround is the "Force Quit" that you mentioned, which we understand is not ideal. We're keeping an eye on this situation and hope it can be resolved soon.
  5. The correlation between window state and display behavior within X-Plane has been a consistent theme across different plugins and add-ons. Given its frequency and varied occurrences, it may also be beneficial to liaise with Laminar Research to see if they are aware of the underlying issue and if there are any upcoming fixes in future updates. In the meantime, as a temporary workaround, you might want to keep a small window open, or maybe even pop it out of sight, out of mind. I understand this isn't ideal, but it might help until a more permanent solution is found. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  6. I'm genuinely sorry for the frustration you're experiencing, and I assure you that our team takes these concerns seriously. From what you've shared and based on the logs, it's evident that the crashes you're experiencing are internal to X-Plane and not directly attributed to the IXEG aircraft. While other aircraft models may be functioning without issues on XP12, each software has its unique coding intricacies. This means that while one model might work seamlessly, another might encounter conflicts even if they are both sophisticated models, and those conflicts can still be from X-Plane itself that one add-on brings out vs another. Again, I understand the disappointment, especially given your anticipation for this particular aircraft. We're here to support and assist, so let's keep the dialogue open and work together to resolve this. That said, I think a bug report from you to Laminar is in order.
  7. From our server logs, it's evident that your computer hasn't made the necessary connections to the X-Aviation server for all the expected calls during the update process. This leads me to believe that something on your end, possibly an antivirus or firewall, is blocking the connection. Please check and ensure that your antivirus, firewall, or any other security software isn't blocking or interfering with the software. You may need to temporarily disable them and try again. Also, ensure you run the simulator with administrator rights. If after this you cannot get it working, you'll need to move this discussion to a support ticket so we can take a deeper look into your install without sharing personal information in the forum: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php
  8. As mentioned in our update email, the recent patch was solely focused on addressing the Level 2 activation issue. We’ll be addressing the windshield wipers and other noted issues in a subsequent update. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  9. Yes, that's accurate. This particular update was solely focused on resolving the Level 2 failure error due to its critical nature. Any additional enhancements and fixes are planned for upcoming releases. We appreciate your understanding and patience.
  10. Captains, Firstly, we'd like to express our gratitude for your recent upgrade purchases. This week has been bustling with activity, as we’ve endeavored to respond to inquiries and meet the high demand for support. Level-2 Failure - Fixed! It quickly came to our attention that a number of our customers encountered a Level-2 failure, which restricted the aircraft's systems from functioning at all. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused and assure you we've been working diligently to identify and rectify the problem. While we strive for perfection, it's an unfortunate reality that despite thorough internal testing, unforeseen issues can arise when a product reaches a wider audience. This particular setback wasn't evident during our beta testing but manifested for some once released. The good news is that we've isolated the cause and have promptly deployed a patch. To access it, please re-install the IXEG 737 Classic Plus from your order history. Didn't have Level-2 Failure? For those unaffected by this issue, there’s no immediate need to update. You can comfortably continue using the aircraft and await our next scheduled update for other enhancements. We truly appreciate the patience and understanding shown by many of you during this period. Thank you once again for your continued trust and support. Blue Skies, X-Aviation & IXEG
  11. I understand your frustration and desire for compensation given the wait time. Please recognize that we are dealing with some unexpected challenges and personal situations that have impacted our ability to address issues immediately. Our "gesture" will be in the form of a committed fix. We value our customers and are doing our best to get things back on track. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  12. Hi Jim, Thank you for your feedback. It’s essential to clarify that this initial release for XP12 mirrors the system functionalities present in the X-Plane 11 version. We acknowledge the VNAV system requires further refinement, and this is on our roadmap for future updates. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work to enhance the product. Your continued support and enthusiasm for the aircraft are greatly appreciated.
  13. I understand and respect your perspective. Pricing and upgrade strategies are always a challenging balance between covering development costs and keeping customers satisfied. We’ve based our decisions on years of data and experience in the market. There will always be a range of opinions, but we feel we’ve struck a reasonable balance. We believe in maintaining transparency and good intentions with our customer base, but our stance on this matter remains unchanged. Thank you for your feedback and for being a valued customer. We're more than confident the updates ahead will get much love, and for that we're excited to have you on the journey with us.
  14. Currently, there seems to be a Level 2 failure affecting a small portion of our users. We’re actively investigating the root cause and are committed to resolving it as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated, and we will keep our users updated with any developments on this issue. There is nothing you can personally do to fix this. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.
  15. It's quite intriguing to observe the range of opinions and interpretations surrounding the release and uptake of X-Plane versions. To set the record straight, X-Plane 12 has seen the most substantial sales of any X-Plane release that Laminar has ever put out. Although I'm unable to share specific numbers, it's essential to base opinions on factual data. Contrary to some perceptions, X-Plane 11 is largely considered by many in the industry as a platform that has seen its prime. The vast majority of the market has transitioned to X-Plane 12.
  16. I'd like to know too. We're not aware of anything wrong there. It's super solid.
  17. Hi Roger, If your friend purchases the X-Plane 12 version, we'll gladly ensure he also has access to the X-Plane 11 version to meet your current needs. After the purchase, simply send an email to support@x-aviation.com and reference this correspondence. That way, he'll be well-prepared for any future transitions to X-Plane 12, whenever you choose to make that shift. Thanks again for your continued support, and please let us know if there's anything else we can assist with.
  18. This update is intended to be a foundation from which to continue improvements on the IXEG. XP12 broke a lot of stuff and "band-aids" weren't going to get it done. Towards that end, some answers to recurring questions..which will be regurgitated elsewhere at release. Operational functionality is the same as V11 currently. (i.e. no change to FMS) Last 9 months were spent in 'repair' of areas broken in V12 and getting back to baseline. Plan going forward is to focus on 4 areas (in no particular order). FMS/vnav FMOD sounds New 3D exterior. Mac ARM suppport The above items will take a while. We'll begin work on this immediately, indeed already in process. Any cargo, 400/500 variants takes a back seat to the items above, if at all. Minimal demand. Unsure the time frame for ARM support. I myself deal with this and run Rosetta currently. we understand many MAC users may not find this acceptable until ARM support. We're on it. A new 3D exterior will be provided one day. When so, the old liveries won't work; however, folks can still use the old 3D exterior if desired.
  19. Your customer account shows you are unsubscribed from general newsletter e-mails, so this makes sense.
  20. Currently, our team is focused on ensuring a smooth and successful release, which means all our resources are dedicated to preparing the release package. As such, we won't be releasing any official pre-release videos. However, given the popularity and anticipation for this upgrade, we're confident that many streamers will be showcasing the product once it's out. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we prioritize delivering the best product experience for everyone on release day. We're excited for you to experience it firsthand! Thank you for your support!
  21. @dr_nerdrage, Thank you for your feedback and understanding about the pricing. We truly appreciate your continued support! Regarding the time-limited upgrade options, we understand how it might be viewed from a consumer's perspective. The intent behind it is to offer a token of appreciation to our most dedicated users while balancing our business needs. We'll be sure to remind customers multiple times leading up to the conclusion of the discount period. To answer your question about future updates: it's our intention that the updates for "upgraders" will be free of charge. Thanks again for being a part of our community and for sharing your feedback. Looking forward to seeing you in the skies on Friday!
  22. Thank you for sharing your experience. What I mentioned was based on the input from a long-serving 737-300 Captain. As with many things in aviation, practices can differ based on the airline, pilot preferences, and many other factors. This is why I qualified my statement with "in his days." If you'd like to discuss this in more depth, @Litjan, who's also well-versed in this area, would be more than happy to engage in a discussion, I'm sure.
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