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  1. 1:41:29.346 G64: error: Run(timer): FLCB_hydraulics: [string "IXEG_33.lua.ra1"]:1365: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value @tkyler, this is the relevant error for this one.
  2. It was $14.95. Let's not get ahead of ourselves on the entitlement here. We priced it low for a good reason. We absolutely could have gone higher, and would have been much better off in doing so, but it would have been morally dishonest. That was a personal decision on our part. Half-baked is exaggerative. We were upfront from the beginning that the initial while was going to be compatibility for running the X-Plane 11 version in 12, with some fun upgrades (like the cabin and new lighting). By the time the store and these two people have their cuts, we're not talking insane money here, @MatthewM. The hours spent getting the product to even work in X-Plane 12 was a huge task. By all accounts, we wanted to be honest and fair, and by my book, it was more than fair.
  3. If you have manually removed the CL650, best course of action here is to manually delete the uninstaller located in X-Plane/X-Aviation. This will get you back to a fresh starting point and no Windows Registry issues to worry about.
  4. No, there is no ETA for the next update. It's simply done when it's done. The company is not dead. The forum you are posting on is not dead. Hi. The aircraft sounds are terrible? What? Hate to break it to you, but the sounds themselves aren't going to change. They will use FMOD, but I would not expect any great shift in how they actually sound. Oh, it's definitely possible! IXEG is not other aircraft developers, and other aircraft developers are not IXEG. This point is pretty irrelevant. There have been a few updates since release. It is not the same package as was released on day one. There was one given:
  5. Thanks for your feedback, Iain. It's been noted and understood. Like I've said before, we'll try to do better next time.
  6. That icon means there's a featured post IN the topic, not that the topic is featured. You'll see the featured post within that topic when you open the topic. Anyways, pretty much no one ever seems to message or have confusion about this at this point. It was in 2023. I'm sorry you felt confused in the whole matter. We'll try to do better next time.
  7. Do you have XPUIPC installed? It's known to cause this issue. The solution is to find an older version of XPUIPC, or remove it completely. Unfortunately, the developer of that plugin hasn't been around for some time. Yes, you can assign these in the joystick configuration area. Just do a search for IXEG in there and you'll find commands pop up.
  8. With a Level 2 failure and something also happening the same on the DC-3, this is a clear licensing issue. You'd be better off sending a support ticket into X-Aviation and sorting this one on one. It's likely an issue specific to your computer/situation. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php
  9. Cameron


    Nope, you haven't missed any news yet!
  10. You will need to contact RealSimGear support for this one: https://realsimgear.com/pages/contact
  11. Minor correction. They introduced it. They dropped Intel CPUs.
  12. You replied to a newsletter, which is not using a support email and is hardly monitored. Our contact page has both a form or instructions to send an email to our support address. The fact you waited so long, while a testament to patience, is also on you for not actually attempting to contact us through the most obvious method any other customer uses. It wasn't. It was a get info box and a checkbox selection. That certainly shouldn't be considered a power user, I hope!
  13. There is no support ticket number under your name or e-mail address in our system. Please provide that ticket number so I can investigate what happened there. It's not incompatible. You may run X-Plane under Rosetta and use the IXEG without issue.
  14. Hi @meierzwo, This should now be resolved!
  15. Thanks, that's more clear. The error is on our end and we'll work on it. I'll let you know when it's been resolved.
  16. It's impossible to read the red text in this image.
  17. What's your point? Gizmo is simply software to run custom code. The level of complexity on the TBM turbine model far exceeds that of other simulated turbines. That's why it was ever popular to begin with. Yes.
  18. Start your aircraft somewhere on the airport that doesn't have jetways, like a designated ramp for business aircraft. We have no control over where X-Plane places AI aircraft. You can disable them if they become a nuisance for you.
  19. You'll need to run X-Plane using Rosetta. That should fix the issues you're seeing.
  20. Hi @Iain, I'm not showing that topic as featured. If you are, can you clarify where? I'm also not seeing a ton of repeat posts being made about this upgrade since expiry aside from this topic itself. Are you seeing something I'm not? Thanks for the clarification on your post! As a side note, just prior to release of the product, full terms for the upgrade were posted:
  21. The progress report remains the same as the last one issued:
  22. 0:04:40.494 G64: debug: GK-IPC: No license: (afm.sr22) Take X-Plane out of Full Screen mode in the X-Plane graphics settings. You likely have an activation window hiding behind the X-Plane application.
  23. What happens in other aircraft is irrelevant. Every 3D model, system simulation, and choice for graphics is different from developer to developer. It sounds like you have some pretty high rendering options set and you're paying for it with IXEG.
  24. In looking at your post history I can't find previous statements like this. I also don't have wide reports of such. What are you referencing when you say "still horrible"?
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