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  1. Sorry, but spoken like someone who truly doesn't know what they're talking about. The changes to the turbine engine models are significant in XP12 to the point it has caused us to need to do an entire re-write of engine code.
  2. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the TBM900 and appreciate your kind words about its immersion and authenticity. The decision to develop a new aircraft type, especially something as specialized as a turbine helicopter, involves careful consideration of the market demand and the return on investment. Currently, our focus has been on fixed-wing aircraft, where we've found a strong interest and support from the community. The add-on market's dynamics, particularly for helicopters and certain niche aircraft, make it challenging to commit to projects that may not meet the broader audience's interest or financial viability. For the above reasons, we don't have plans for a helicopter like the Bell 407 at the moment. Thank you once again for your support and for sharing your thoughts!
  3. Our decision regarding the upgrade policy is a choice we've made based on various factors unique to our business model and the niche market we serve. The comparison to broader industry practices is not really a valid point of discussion, as our approach to this is rooted in our experiences and the sustainability of our development efforts. We aim to balance the need to support ongoing development with the desire to offer value and appreciation to our loyal customers. The specific upgrade structure used here has also been used in various other products of ours for many years. We have the data to know the true long-term cost already. Regarding the specific instance of your e-mail subscription status and the missed upgrade opportunity, I've taken the liberty of reviewing your history with our mailing system. It appears that you unsubscribed in July of 2022 with the selection reason being "No longer interested." This action, while entirely within your right, unfortunately meant that subsequent communications, including promotional offers, could not be delivered to you. Our goal is not to penalize customers but to navigate the complexities of communication preferences and promotional offerings in a way that respects both customer choice and our policy framework.
  4. I appreciate your candid feedback and understand your perspective on our upgrade policy. It's clear that you have given this matter considerable thought, and I want to acknowledge your feelings of disappointment upon discovering the upgrade offer after it had expired. Our decision to set a time limit on the upgrade offer was made after careful consideration of various factors, including our development costs, the value we believe the upgrade offers, and our desire to reward early adopters while also maintaining a sustainable business model. We recognize that this approach may differ from other companies in the industry, and we respect that every business has its unique strategy and policies. We genuinely appreciate the support and loyalty of our customers, including those who took a chance on the first version of our product. Our intention was never to alienate or undervalue our customer base but to navigate the complexities of software development and product lifecycle management in a way that allows us to continue delivering high-quality updates and new features. I understand that the timing of your return to X-Plane and discovery of the new version's availability was unfortunate, and I'm truly sorry that this has led to disappointment. While our policy on the upgrade offer remains as stated, we value your feedback. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
  5. While some companies do it, it is a very frowned upon tactic from the bulk mailer point of view. You run the risk of having a customer think they have unsubscribed from your e-mails, only to continually get them from you in other categories. This then results in reported spam ratings out of frustration from the customer who thought they previously unsubscribed (sometimes more than once), which in turn runs the risk of the bulk mailing service to have their server IP blacklisted. That then also affects the mailing service's other customers (not just me) on the shared IP address. Google and Yahoo, as of this month, have also clamped the grip tighter to force specific e-mail headers be sent with e-mails allowing one-click unsubscribe. They are not fans of the multiple list method you desire here either.
  6. E-Mail providers are very strict on requirements concerning blacklisting communication channels that are deemed spammy in nature. Curating multiple lists that make it so one customer has to unsubscribe from each at a time is a near guaranteed way to get your "license" to send e-mail communications with a bulk mailing service completely revoked. It's not bad faith or amateur hour at all. The tolerance threshold from these bulk mail service providers is very low, and I'm not about to play the gamble game with it.
  7. Your description sounds as though a plugin may not be running. Can you post your X-Plane log.txt after running the DC-3?
  8. Unfortunately I don't have further recommendations on this one for the time being. The Gizmo version you reference will not work with the 737 and various other products, and we don't recommend the use of it. Wish I had something else to go by for you, but so far you're the one and only.
  9. No. We've never come across the error you've shown. You might want to try installing a demo copy of X-Plane elsewhere on your computer and ONLY install the aircraft you're trying to use in it to see if it loads there. If so, then something in your old sim install may be causing this clash.
  10. Assuming you're on Windows, you can simply instruct the operating system to start this application at startup. To do so: Select the Start button, which looks like the Microsoft logo. Select Settings. On the left-hand side of the window, select Apps. Select Startup at the bottom of the Apps window. Use the toggles to determine which apps you want to run on startup. Toggle On if you want the app to open on startup or Toggle Off if you don’t want the app to open on startup.
  11. Can you please attach your X-Plane log.txt file here after running the IXEG so we can take a look at what may be going on?
  12. You should not be using any version of Gizmo than the one that ships with your product. This is a bug in the version you are trying to use.
  13. No, this is not in an active development state. The 737 has priority at the moment.
  14. Nope, but what you're trying to do is no longer possible in 12. Your observation of a changed privilege level is correct. This is by design and not something to be changed.
  15. The last updated info was quite literally 11 days ago, as linked above. Nothing is silent about it!
  16. No. The same people in this topic remain the only people with this issue.
  17. There's a few ways to catch it, but in your log it was any of the following: Log.txt for X-Plane 12.0.8-rc-3 (build 120810 Apple Silicon, Metal f343e8d53217a69b4de55c1c775e143ef86b5c6c) dlerror:dlopen(/Volumes/AC Media/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/mac_x64/Gizmo64.plugin.xpl, 0x0006): tried: '/Volumes/AC Media/X-Plane 12/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/mac_x64/Gizmo64.plugin.xpl' (mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64'))
  18. From the details you've provided, it appears that the crash is not directly related to the activation process of the aircraft but rather a failure to read a file. However, a point to note is that your activation plugin is not loading, which is due to the fact that you're using a Mac M1 Max and Rosetta is not enabled. Rosetta is necessary for running the CL650 at this time. To enable Rosetta on your Mac: Locate X-Plane in Finder: Go to your Applications folder and find the X-Plane application. Get Info: Right-click (or Control-click) on the X-Plane application and select 'Get Info' from the context menu. Enable Rosetta: In the 'Get Info' window, you'll find an option to 'Open using Rosetta'. Check this box. Close and Restart: Close the 'Get Info' window and restart X-Plane. With Rosetta enabled, X-Plane should run the necessary plugins correctly, including the activation plugin for the CL650. This should allow you to proceed with the activation and use of the CL650. Let's start there.
  19. This website has nothing to do with the xPilot ATC client. You'll need to find their support page and see what they have to say about it.
  20. Yes, it is of course 64-bit. 32-bit has not been used in ages for X-Plane.
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