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  1. When flying VR, does anyone have a sure-fire method of controlling the throttles with a joystick after landing? Though I haven't yet run off the end of a runway, it's occasionally a near miss, as the throttles sometimes (not always) 'stick' and cannot be moved with my Saitek X52 throttle quadrant. So far, more by luck than judgment I think, I do usually manage to guess where the ghost throttles might be and get the 'real' throttles down to idle in time, but there must (surely?) be a way to do this reliably every time? Is there a 'feature' I can turn off for VR flights (never fly any other way), so that the throttles will never 'lock' and not respond to input from my joystick? (I do not want to have to use my VR handsets on the throttles: on touchdown there is enough to do, without trying to use a handset - much too awkward Moving the throttles to idle has to be accomplished via my Saitek). Thanks for any advice.
  2. I hope so too Jan! An aircraft much loved in the XP community of course: deserves all the TLC you can give it.
  3. To avoid double-posting: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/18521-i-dont-have-any-menu-in-vr-mode/
  4. It's getting on for two years now since the O/P's comment. In the current version (1.33), I still cannot access the menus from within VR. That sure is "not very high priority"! Will this happen soon now please? Switching from VR to monitor to access the a/c menu is really not very practical. Thanks
  5. Great! Please make it very soon.. OK, it's not quite a 'deal breaker' perhaps, but having to come out of VR and mess around on the screen disinclines me to fly the 733 at the moment (I have only flown in VR from the moment I first gave it a first try!). Which is shame, 'cos like everyone (I imagine) who flies the IXEG 733, I just LOVE it to bits... Maybe add the options to an CDU/FMC menu, as some other developers do? Even a temporary workaround (having the menus fixed somewhere under the captain's side window - there's plenty of room!) would be welcome. Can't wait to fly this plane in VR. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Just wondered, a year on, whether the setup menus are working from within VR somehow now (can't see how to bring them up?). If not, will they be any time soon? Not so big a deal at the start I guess, but later on, closing doors, disconnecting GPU etc. before pushback means removing the VR headset, coming out of VR and starting on the monitor again, then going back... not great! Thanks
  7. OK, thanks. If X-Aviation really needs to put the Gizmo plugin there, then yes, I can if needed always disable it and just have it active for my 733 flights. For now though I have tested the problem I mentioned a bit further and the Gizmo plugin is not the one responsible for it, so the search for the 'rogue plugin' will have to continue (and I'll leave Gizmo.64 active)...
  8. Hi.. a general question on addon plugins like Gizmo: I have spent many, many frustrating hours over the past three days trying to find out why one of my payware a/c (not IXEG) has a number of issues in flight: it turns out that it is due to a clash in the resources/plugins folder with a different developer's plugin there (I have yet to find out which, but when I removed the non-Laminar plugins from that folder, the problems disappeared: so I am now at the stage of adding the plugins back to see which is/are causing the problems - a long, frustrating process as the issue only occurs if you set up a flight afresh from the gate and fly to above 10000ft). The developer in question wonders (in an email to me) why creators of other aircraft for XP11 have to have their plugins install into a default XP folder, where they can potentially clash with others, rather than stick to somewhere within their own aircraft folder structure (as indeed they themselves do). I don't know yet whether the Gizmo plugin will turn out to be the source of the issues, probably not (should know in the next few hours!) but I'd like to ask whether there is a reason why this plugin (as an example) cannot stay within the folder structure of the 733, and has to be installed into this XP common folder instead? The risks of that are clear from my past two days of trying to trace the source of the issues I am having with non-compatible plugins in the same folder. If the Gizmo plugin were in a IXEG/plugins folder and so (presumably) only loaded when the 733 were itself loaded up for flight, rather than every time XP starts, that would be OK, no? Many thanks.
  9. I see, thanks for the clarification. I too assumed (since I thought I'd had the latest version installed) that something had been corrupted. I certainly do not recall seeing the wires before today (quite obvious with the colours of course - you can't miss them). Yes, must be because the pilot view has changed. That's fine - I am sure I'll learn to love the splash of colour.... doesn't look very safe though. Shouldn't an engineer have fixed it? (Had another flight this afternoon, BTW, and still all going well re. 'bank/roll' (so to speak))
  10. Thanks. I only have Windows Defender active, but no, I didn't disable it. I do have a backup of my previous installation though, I could copy over files from there: would that fix this? Or I could even replace the new installation with the old one I suppose (if necessary), given that reinstalling did not fix the problems I was experiencing.
  11. Wondering why (after reinstalling the aircraft yesterday) I now see bare wires hanging from below the MCP.. there's no clickspot I can find to close any little door. Googled and searched this forum for 'wires' but no results came up. Also, in the OH panel, what was my logo light is now labelled 'INOP'. Just cosmetic (I assume; hardly 'deal breakers' of course), but would prefer to have the a/c as it was (certainly no wires hanging out from the panel). Thank you.
  12. Jan, you will be almost as relieved as I am to know that this seems to be fixed. I found at first that replacing the miscellaneous.prf file with the default one stopped the banking. But then if I re-engaged my IXEG joystick profile (from the XP onscreen joystick menu), the roll returned. So I deleted the IXEG profile and used the default one instead. I was able to map both the toggle gear and the TOGA function to the joystick in that default joystick profile.. and the past several test flights have been just fine, nice and straight after TO. I don't want to tempt fate though: 'tomorrow is another day' of course, and I wouldn't put it past my PC to spite me and reinstate the problem after I boot up in the morning: but otherwise.... Just FYI I attach the IXEG prf files (you may, in an idle moment, should you ever have one, want to see if you can find the problem: if I reinstate these files and go back to using them for the 733 in XP, the roll issue returns, so I think these files must be the cause). Also, a screenshot of my wing lift now, which looks a lot healthier. Thanks so much for your input... customer service here is clearly as impressive as the IXEG 733 itself! Martin IXEG B733 - Joysticks.prf.zip
  13. I really thought this would do it - as I have a backup, I uninstalled (via the uninstall.exe and then installed again, via the installer. Fresh setup). Then back to the runway. Same thing. Here's the screenshot. However.... Given this result (I perhaps should have done this before), I tried the 733 in my 'vanilla' test installation of XP11.50: I simply used symlinks from the relevant IXEG folders (and Gizmo) in my full XP11.50 setup across to the clean installation. In that test, the a/c flies straight as a die. So no doubt there is something in my XP setup that is interfering with the IXEG a/c... all I have to do now is locate it! Haha. I'll let you know of course when (not 'if'!!) I find the culprit, (and we can ritually burn it, as it were)!
  14. Nice call!! This doesn't look right (did wing lift and wing drag), does it?
  15. As I say, I too had no roll yesterday... I don't know if removing the Saitek drivers has done this, but clearly most people will not have Saitek drivers installed and do not have this issue. I am also at my wits end. I certainly appreciate your patience with it... Here are four screenshots. First is just before I start the takeoff roll, then three taken at about 5 second intervals after the a/c leaves the ground. The roll to the right is not triggered by anything I press on the joystick - it happens whether I bring the gear up or not. All I did whilst taking these screenshots was pull back a little to keep some degree of climb. But the a/c rolls with no joystick input at all (or if I unplug it - or, as I mentioned above, if disconnect the X52 and use a different joystick altogether). Also tested several more a/c in my 'hangar', some Laminar, some other payware - and they all seem to be fine, no rolling or banking... "Curiouser and curiouser!"
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