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  1. Strange this one. X-plane only crashes when I try to turn Skymaxx back on. Nothing else causes any problem. Looking at the log text (most of which I do not understand), the last but one line states that 'SilverLining' deleted followed by the statement of application crash. Surely, must have some connection to Skymaxx?
  2. Noticed recently that if I deactivate Skymaxx through the plugin admin menu the tick goes from the box and the weather reverts back to the default. I do this sometimes as I find low visibility is depicted better in X-Plane than in SkyMaxx and never encountered and problems. Recently for some reason, when I try to reactivate Skymaxx I cannot select the tick box and X-Plane shuts down. I have an i9 processor, 32gig RAM and 2070 Super graphics card so unlikely to be a resource problem. I have removed Skymaxx and re-installed it but the problem remains. Attached is the X-Plane log file
  3. Sorry, should have been clearer. The shadows occur on the ground objects so buildings and aircraft. Probably something adrift on X-Plane rather than Skymax.
  4. I decided to re-install the program and now it works fine and looks good. Quite a relief. One thing I notice is when overcast conditions are set, the sun still throws shadows on everything. Is this a bug or rather something with X-Plane?
  5. I am assumming this is the correct place to seek advice. Based on video reviews I decided to purchase Skymax Pro but find the overcast clouds not quite correct. I was disappointed to learn the rain effects are not supported by Vulcan so I have turned it off. My windows PC is powerful so I run x-plane 11.5 with most settings quite high. With the default program settings I am finding that if I set the clouds to overcast with a good vertical depth, as I fly out of the cloud it completely disappears so all the ground is visible. I was expecting as seen in the review videos, to climb out
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