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  1. Thanks - done it! Had not realised there was a click spot to open the cockpit door. One other question. - how to open the cabin doors? On the Cabin Crew page of the interface guide, clicking any of the buttons to open the doors has no effect. The buttons do not change as the mouse pointer moves over each one. Us there something else I have to do to get the buttons to function?
  2. Just purchased so a learning process begins. I like to set up my preferred views (don't have any add-on cameras) but unlike my other 3rd party aircraft I cannot set up a wing view using the number pad keys. Does anyone know if this is possible on the 737?
  3. Strange this one. X-plane only crashes when I try to turn Skymaxx back on. Nothing else causes any problem. Looking at the log text (most of which I do not understand), the last but one line states that 'SilverLining' deleted followed by the statement of application crash. Surely, must have some connection to Skymaxx?
  4. Noticed recently that if I deactivate Skymaxx through the plugin admin menu the tick goes from the box and the weather reverts back to the default. I do this sometimes as I find low visibility is depicted better in X-Plane than in SkyMaxx and never encountered and problems. Recently for some reason, when I try to reactivate Skymaxx I cannot select the tick box and X-Plane shuts down. I have an i9 processor, 32gig RAM and 2070 Super graphics card so unlikely to be a resource problem. I have removed Skymaxx and re-installed it but the problem remains. Attached is the X-Plane log file which may shed some light on the problem. Log.txt
  5. Sorry, should have been clearer. The shadows occur on the ground objects so buildings and aircraft. Probably something adrift on X-Plane rather than Skymax.
  6. I decided to re-install the program and now it works fine and looks good. Quite a relief. One thing I notice is when overcast conditions are set, the sun still throws shadows on everything. Is this a bug or rather something with X-Plane?
  7. I am assumming this is the correct place to seek advice. Based on video reviews I decided to purchase Skymax Pro but find the overcast clouds not quite correct. I was disappointed to learn the rain effects are not supported by Vulcan so I have turned it off. My windows PC is powerful so I run x-plane 11.5 with most settings quite high. With the default program settings I am finding that if I set the clouds to overcast with a good vertical depth, as I fly out of the cloud it completely disappears so all the ground is visible. I was expecting as seen in the review videos, to climb out of the cloud and look down on the cloud textures. I have no other add-ons installed that would conflict with the software. Also, I am not using the connection to live weather as all I want is better clouds and precipitation. I tried the same with Vulcan turned on but here when I rise above the overcast clouds I just see white as if I am looking down on a flat featureless piece of white paper. Anyone have an idea of what might be going wrong? Appreciate any assistance. I can send a log file if I know which one to send.
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