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    This is one of the most striking and awesome liveries I have seen! thank you and well done
  1. Hi Hector, please see above messages from Ben, the problem was identified within the Gizmo plug-in and they have been working hard to address and fix this issue which from what I can see is now more or less done and just wrapping up. So it should be fixed hopefully very soon. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the update Ben! Really appreciate how quickly you responded and diagnosed the issue.
  3. Hi! many people have been suffering from this also and it seems to be due to a performance issue with the Gizmo Plugin, the good news is Cam from xaviation and the developer of Gizmo are aware and working on an update to fix it right now! So soon there should be a fix.
  4. Lots of people have been suffering from stutters and FPS drops due to Gizmo plug-in which x aviation uses. Both Cam from Xaviation and the dev of Gizmo have notified everyone they have seen the issue and it will be fixed asap, hopefully that helps
  5. This sounds really promising Ben! thanks for the update and taking the time and effort to look into it Looking forward to a fix in the near future
  6. I agree, I'm having similar issues being caused by Gizmo. I have removed almost everything from my sim except Gizmo to confirm and its eating up my FPS. Very strange and annoying. Hopefully we will find a fix soon. I also believe X-aviation uses Gizmo so that might be related to it, but I have no idea.
  7. So i have tried it with almost every plugin removed and it is still doing it unfortunately. the CL650's usage is peaking up to 20,000 and more. I can understand that my PC may be limiting it, but with everything turned down and or off I would have expected some sort of improvement, there has been nothing so far for some reason. on average the CL650 is using 6,000us. The TBM was far less than this for me. What your saying about the flight loops does make sense as you can see here its causing most the issue but why is it happening and how can it be solved?
  8. Thanks for the Reply, I’m running a Quad core I5-2400 at 3.4 GHz which I believe is the minimum needed. I will try and remove most my addon plug-ins and see if it helps today! Cheers.
  9. Bad Gizmo indeed. Not too sure why its causing the issue but every now and then it spikes and I go from 30 fps to 20 and slow motion. Hopefully it can be figured out
  10. Hey guys, At random times everything seems to go a bit crazy and I go from 40 fps down to 20 and everything slows down. It seems to be completely random, I cant find a common situation between all the times it has happened. I know some others were having similar issues. Interested to see if anyone can help! Update: Its something to do with Gizmo and I believe X-aviation, seems to be some sort of issue there where Gizmo is using more than the actual Challenger
  11. Hey Oisin! thanks for the reply. Just jumped back on and realised its an issue with the GHD plugin by jar design, when that plugin is off, everything works as normal! Cheers man
  12. Hi, Having a slight issue with the GSE stuff, nothing is appearing or animating correctly it seems for me. Loving the aircraft so far apart from these small issues.
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