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  1. For those of you that enjoy the amazing experience of flying our favorite GA aircraft in VR, update 1.1.7 brings the most important fixes to the VR experience that we’ve identified before. A big "thank you" to our developers! However, I’ve noticed that there are still some minor issues that need some ironing to make the VR experience even better and more immersive. I’m listing here my own findings, but please feel free to add some other issues that you may have found, so we can provide to the developers a comprehensive list for them to check, making their lives easier. HUD. This i
  2. Same here. I’ve reinstalled many times, completely removed the installation and installed again, and I always get that I have the old 1.1.4c version.
  3. This is just one of those little things that need to be fixed in VR. I was going nuts until I realized that you have to “twist” the knob (as in for the altitude), instead of dragging it up or down. Twisting it just works perfect for me.
  4. JLG

    Update on VR?

    Great plane, really the best GA airplane out there, so congratulations, but it is not so VR friendly. It’d be really amazing if you could fix the ice and rain effects in VR, plus adding an AviTab (as many other airplanes had). The tablet could allow using the airframe manager, maintenance, payload, and so on, as for 737 Zibo, without the need to get out of VR. That would make this airplane absolutely the best for GA and attract many avid shoppers that as many of us only fly in VR. Really, once you’ve tried VR there is no way back to a flat screen. I hope the developers are realizing this and t
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