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  1. Great update. No problems so far. Only missing the rain effects in VR. Is the icing effects on the windshields gone with this new effect?
  2. Are you sure u are on the latest version? Does it show up on the tbm startup?
  3. Says im still on the old version after installing this.
  4. If your aircraft's engine or electrical is damaged, yes it can happen. But i had many air restarts with success.
  5. Is it long before we can have the rain and ice effects in vr? Been waiting since release of this aircraft. I see alot of 3th p Aircrafts are using this rain effect now but none of them supports it in vr. Thats sad
  6. Any news on this? Is it being worked on or still on hold?
  7. I dont think LR is focusing adressing this issue, the bug was reported back in 11.20 and still not fixed.
  8. The rain effect and ice is most important for me, better imersion and more realistic when flying in bad weather.
  9. Windshield effects and icing effects and with the HUD.
  10. Great list of fixes but no fix for the vr issues
  11. Yes im waiting, been waiting since the release.
  12. I was just wondering, isnt the heatblur from the exhaust pipes alittle to much?, the blur is almost as long as the aircraft.
  13. Because i filled a bug to laminar and got a reply that they are aware on it and will be fixed in next update.
  14. Cyrex1984

    Oxygen Mask

    Just click on the roof where the mask is suppose to be.
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