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  1. So you have NO evidence on the quote above. Stop spreading false information please From https://www.flightsimulator.com/ (Alpha 4) As you know FS98 had table based and not surface based flight model, so please just stop spreading false information On the other side, flight model may be bad and video are edited, you are right. No one can be sure (or tell ^^). But on the technical side you are wrong!
  2. Same thing here. I thought updating to the latest gizmo beta would be enough but it is not the case. Maybe the best option is to rollback to gizmo stable? I wish this forum was more active.
  3. Hello, Does this mean we have to update each 30 days? Where can we find the latest gizmo update to keep on using the beta if it is possible? EDIT: find it, nevermind I updated but the "day counter" remains at 6 days, it is the intended behaviour?
  4. nasvrick

    1.1.6 CTD

    I also have a CTD when continuing a flight wherever I choose yes or no to resume the flight. I cannot fly the TBM 900. The crash to desktop occur everytime! Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt How can I delete the saved state? It's not in the aircraft folder as I remove it the last install.
  5. I do no have a generator failure in the maintenance menu. It is what I found strange: everything seems to be go for the resetting... Maybe resetting in incorrect configuration prevent further resetting?
  6. Yes I put back the switch to battery after about an hour of flight
  7. I made a mistake during my last flight: I left the battery switch in the GPU position. I was not able to reset the generator using the reset button.
  8. I tried with a new airframe cutting the fuel and I was able to restart. So I guess it was an aircraft related problem
  9. Hi, I tried to restart the engine in flight following the section 3 "emergency procedures" but I could not restart the engine. Is this normal?
  10. While in flight between LFPB and LFMD XP just crashed. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt stack_trace.txt
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