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  1. Well, congratulations, Cameron. You've discovered my secret. I fly with a CFI because of a rare and incurable medical condition I have plus being a disabled vet. The FAA won't give me a certificate, and rightly so, but in the course of my life I have been privileged to learn how to fly a couple small planes, so, lacking the official credential, I still consider myself modestly qualified in a very small way. I can easily aviate, navigate, communicate and land the plane if the old fellow in the right seat passes away while aloft. So now, like at MAGAt rallies, you can raise aloft my scalp with a hearty bellow and they'll all respond with appropriate grunting and leaping about. Now as to your software, I mentioned the real-life experience because I can follow directions, use checklists and start airplane engines. Your SR22 has resisted my logical and methodical efforts, causing substantial but not insurmountable frustration, but enough to no longer want to use it ... after all, in such cases "persistence is futile." I commend all those who made it work without any effort on their own parts, and they were lucky enough to not be the target of your vengeful - and intrusive - research online at the FAA's web resources in order to win an argument. I own many X-Plane "aircraft" and they all work quite well and I will continue to use them, but I will limit even more my interactions with the sim community online because though I find some users are like the more empathetic posters above, most creators, like you, have a short fuse and are therefore unpleasant to encounter, especially if they can't deal effectively with those who are on the fringes of the bell curve for any reason. If I can have my money back I will go away quietly and you can have in return the hormonal thrill of banning me from your forum, and then you can re-post my comments - excerpted, out of context, for maximum effect - as examples so you can show your followers what a tough - and aggrieved - moderator you are. In return I will delete your product from my drives and never buy anything from you again. Otherwise, although I have already tried all the things the more patient posters above have suggested, if I had gotten it to work it would have been through their suggestions and my own efforts and not by public humiliation which you evidently use for some reason only you can fathom. So I'd rather not use your plane anymore; it will just remind me of you. Shall we then call it a stalemate? You might instead try second-guessing your customers' raison d'etres and use a softer approach no matter how the customer sounds because you never really know what's going on with them. Some of them could actually be dying. And doing so always makes you look like the bigger man, which should appeal to you. I apologize to the other users for my intrusion.
  2. Cool your temper or your customers will be gone pretty quick as well. Deal with frustrated customers. There seem to be a few of them.
  3. Hey, great job. Following instructions - and I’m a pilot IRL also - can't get your SR22 to turn over. Oh yes, great job. Fifty five bucks for what? Using Saitek TPM, switch panel, T16000 stick (alpha yoke also available) and trying to use RealSimGear, too, but that's hopeless. What's the secret, except for calling oneself a sim company and making money off customers? Is this the best you can do? I followed instructions, primed appropriately, did it all by the numbers. Your plane just sits there. Fifty five bucks, folks.
  4. "This is not a support thread." How helpful. Now I have to ask where one might find a support thread or is that not included in the $54 purchase price? An unstartable engine seems to be included, however.
  5. Yeah, I bought it and regret it already. RealSimGear use requires another plugin. Why it isn't included as part of the default setup is beyond me. And I can't for the life of me get it to start in XP 11.50. I'm a pilot IRL as well so I know a Cirrus SR22 will start pretty easily after priming. This sorry emulation won't start for me and as a consequence I have a pretty low opinion of the thing at this moment. Spectacular job, guys. That was sarcasm.
  6. Do you have a newsletter we can subscribe to so as to keep on top of your progress? Once it is available, I would certainly buy it.
  7. Relatively new user here: could someone please explain how one refuels the 172 on the ground, when at an airport that technically has avgas available? I am using the basic 172 that comes with X-Plane. Thanks.
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