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  1. Sorry for my noisy posting yesterday, my eagerness got ahead of me and I did some bad testing. Right after I made my last post I crashed yesterday after I had completed several touch and gos, which had not happened before, so I started testing everything a bit longer to see what would happen. After a few slightly more involved tests, I am starting to become convinced again that it might be the 3jFPS FlyWithLua script after all. I was doing kind of a binary search with enabling plugins yesterday to quickly narrow it down, and I was pretty sure it was either autogate, the simtoolkitpro plug
  2. After further testing, I have a suspicion it may be related to this FlyWithLua Script: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43281-3jfps-wizard11/ which I use for helping to keep my FPS above 20 while I'm on VATSIM (it likes to plummet when I switch tabs and whatnot) my testing was not very good and i am not sure it is this script sorry
  3. So when I removed all of my custom scenery I was able to complete a few touch and gos, so then I started adding my scenery back in piece by piece and each time had no crashing. But I am a little bit surprised that that is the case. I guess the next logical step is to start adding plugins back in and see if the crashing comes back then? considering I crashed in the exact same place after removing it I don't know why re-adding them would create more crashes
  4. I removed all my plugins and crashed in the same place, however I did forget to remove custom scenery. I will try again in a bit with that removed as well Log.txt
  5. Hi, I just bought the SR22 last night, and after a few minutes of flying, X-Plane goes unresponsive and completely hangs. This has happened after about 5-10 minutes in the simulator about five or six times now. The system hangs indefinitely and does not generate a crash report or anything like that; I tried to let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes to let it work itself out but I didn't have any luck. I have tried with Vulkan rendering both on and off. I do have a few scenery and plugins, but I don't think an inordinate amount in the grand scheme of most simmers I have attached a log file for yo
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