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  1. Try editing the Aircraft\X-Aviation\TorqueSim BN-2 Islander\plugins\is_systems\settings\settings.cfg file (Path relative to the x-plane directory) and setting "disable_mtuploader" to 1
  2. You say that you use Active Sky XP, it has visibility issues with recent versions of x-plane, maybe that causes your problems: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/visibility-in-sim.13424/
  3. Also check you joystick/key mappings. For some reason i had x-planes "toggle nosewheel steering" bound by default without noticing it. by inadvertently toggling it x-plane completely overwrote and disabled the steering.
  4. Considering how other planes do it, it is probably(?) just a static texture. (Just guessing, though)
  5. Yes. Was a comment to OP as he said he assigned the nosewheel/tiller axis...
  6. And on another note, if "use tiller" is unchecked, for me it is controlled via my rudder pedals and not via nosewheel/tiller axis.
  7. Orbx and Traffic Global work properly in 11.50+. If you have problems with them it must be a in combination with something else.
  8. Sorry, forgot to quote properly. better pushback works with nosewheel steering enabled, not powerback.
  9. It works. You just have to enable nosewheel steering (push the round tiller on the left side of the cockpit)
  10. It is turned ON in the plane definition itself, so it does not matter what you set x-plane to.
  11. This one? https://www.tbm.aero/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/PIM_TBM900__E1.pdf
  12. No, it disables them by renaming the plugin file itself before x-plane starts, so that x-plane does not load them at all.
  13. Yeah, i made the same mistake, that is why i had a hunch...
  14. Have you made sure that Com1 / Com1 Mic is turned on on the Audio Panel?
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