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  1. Well, the fuel man is covinced that Alaska belongs to Canada. Known bug.
  2. Don't use time acceleration, it messes up the systems of this plane as it calculates many things in real time. If you want to cheat, instantly realign the ins by study->ins->realign irus immediately in the challenger menu.
  3. Another user had similar problems, he fixed it by setting the visual effects to high (in the x-plane graphical setings, the hud needs hdr to function correctly).
  4. Another user had similar problems, he fixed it by setting the visual effects to high (the hud needs hdr to function correctly).
  5. It says in your log that you are using ShadeX. (It and reshade are known to screw up custom rendering). Can you try and remove it temporarily (not just disable it via the plugin menu, move the folder out of the resources/plugin folder to a temporary position with x-plane closed and start x-plane)?
  6. Is this the new "my ashtray is full, i need to buy a new car"? Bloody throwaway society...
  7. It is a problem in the vatsim client:
  8. Yeah, that is x-plane for you. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/238960-parkingtoe-brakes/
  9. brakes maximum is x-planeish for parking brake. So it is working as intended.
  10. Try editing the Aircraft\X-Aviation\TorqueSim BN-2 Islander\plugins\is_systems\settings\settings.cfg file (Path relative to the x-plane directory) and setting "disable_mtuploader" to 1
  11. You say that you use Active Sky XP, it has visibility issues with recent versions of x-plane, maybe that causes your problems: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/visibility-in-sim.13424/
  12. Also check you joystick/key mappings. For some reason i had x-planes "toggle nosewheel steering" bound by default without noticing it. by inadvertently toggling it x-plane completely overwrote and disabled the steering.
  13. Considering how other planes do it, it is probably(?) just a static texture. (Just guessing, though)
  14. Yes. Was a comment to OP as he said he assigned the nosewheel/tiller axis...
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