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  1. Thanks @akatham and @K4bel123 - much appreciated!
  2. Not quite the 650, but may be some useful info there Plane Bombardier CHALLENGER-605 (smartcockpit.com) best, L
  3. Could you please help - hud projection is way off - where this can be reset/adjusted? Thanks, L
  4. Many thanks, much appreciated ! This data gives 11.6-10.9 glide ratio for the respective best glide speeds - I will be adding it to the ForeFlight profile, so it can calculate the relevant glide circle. Thanks again, Laszlo
  5. @mraviator you probably need the X-Plane AIRAC also updated to the one you have in Simbrief (it's in the custom data folder) - I had my flightplans rejected until was done
  6. Hi All - I wonder if someone knows and would be happy to share these figures? What is the best glide speed and what is the glide ratio for the 650? Many thanks, Laszlo
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