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  1. Hey, I removed the plane from X-Plane and reinstalled it and I can turn off the brakes now. Something must have got corrupted in my configuration for this plane. Thanks for all of your input on this, I do appreciate that!
  2. I have been unable to release the brakes on the CRJ-200 for about 2 weeks. It worked fine before that. None of my other planes have this problem. I thought it might be my joystick or throttle, but have disconnected them and still have the same problem, I even changed my mouse. I push b and the brake set message disappears for about half a second. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? Thanks much
  3. Thanks for all of the input. I was able to import an FMS route I downloaded from simroutes from KLAX to KSFO. I set a joystick button to load the FMS and it flew the route perfectly. Most of the buttons on the GPS do nothing. I hope sometime in the future they will make this GPS more functional.
  4. Thanks, I found the manual and will try uploading an fms file into the Garman.
  5. I have several planes with the Garman GNS430 and I can't find out how to set multiple waypoints. I have found the manual for the actual GPS and some tutorial on that, but nothing on how to use X-Plane's simulated version. Does anyone know of documentation or tutorials on using this GPS?
  6. I flew from Miami to Orlando.
  7. I flew from Miami to Key West.
  8. I agree and would like to see that too, Linux is the best OS out there. The alternative is pretty nice also, I have 3 Macs and they work great. My Dell laptop doesn't have a sufficient video card so I can't run many games on Linux.
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