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  1. For me the only way to get persistance to work was to manually set "disable_persist" to 0 in settings.cfg while x-plane is not running.
  2. Active Sky is a weather injector, and Skymaxx Pro renders the injected Weather, they work perfectly together as they do different things. In fact, combined with Realweather Connector as a middleware the combination works around x-planes limitations. For example you get more than 3 cloud layers, and most of all weather cells. The weather then is not rendered globally and changes when you fly into a different zone, instead you can see those other weather zones from afar and then avoid them or fly into them.
  3. Deleting the files seems to have fixed it, although i just did a small preliminary test. Just the tie down and fuselage cover does not stick, it also seems to not have an entry in the persist.cfg file.
  4. Never. Always cold and dark. (Except when i tried to test the persistance, but then also with engines running turned off).
  5. Yeah, but manually changing the persistant setting in the config file was the only way to get it to stick. I just noticed it did not change when i turn it on via dialog. And afterwards (reloading the sim) at least the persistant setting is now persistant. Engine running not persistant ok, working as designed. But the switch and static elements settings did not persist, either.
  6. No, it does not. When i manually change it to 0 while the sim is running, it stays that way even if i restart X-Plane, but the persistance still does not work correctly. I quit X-Plane with bat1+2, alt1+2, avionics and strobe turned on, tank selector to l, and the engine running. When i restarted X-Plane, All the switches (including ice etc.) where turned on, tank selector was was turned off, and the engine did not run (throttle + mixture where at zero). Also the static elements (except the plane cover / tiedown) where enabled, although i removed them prior to restart.
  7. Attached here. Log_1.txt is where i started the plane, turned all systems and the engine on and enabled persistance. Log_2.txt is the second run after that where the plane started out completely turned off (including the persistance setting) persist.cfg and settings.cfg are after the second run, where everything was off. Edit: what i noticed in the log file that at start it creates the cfg files and when i quit x-plane it says destroying them... Log_1.txt Log_2.txt persist.cfg settings.cfg
  8. Still having the Issue with 1.0.1 that persistance does not work. Ironically even the persistant setting does not persist.
  9. Any news when the update is released?
  10. Did what you suggested (with all scenery/plugins except Gizmo, Active Sky, SMP+RWC disabled), with the following results: -HDR on/off does not make a difference -Deleting settings.dat no difference However, it only occurs under Vulkan, with OpenGL the layer does not vanish. Log_vulkan.txt Log_opengl.txt
  11. Also happens without Active Sky, XP in manual weather mode with a single overcast cumulus layer, RWC in automatic mode. Edit: for comparison with SMP+RWC disabled and using X-Planes native clouds the layer does not vanish.
  12. The vanishing overcast happens with all 6 overcast settings of SMP. Experimented a bit with Active Sky custom weather. If the overcast is composed of Cumulus clouds the layer does NOT vanish, if i set it to Stratus or CumuloNimbus it WILL vanish.
  13. I have turned it on. Made a short recording of the glitch:
  14. Just did another flight, a few scattered clouds, displayed as they should be. During the flight i changed a setting in SMP (turned cloud shadows off) causing SMP to redraw the clouds. Suddenly i am in a dense layer of fog. Said layer stops being displayed if i go above it, and if i go down it gets rendered again.
  15. Edit2: Nope, happened again. Active Sky and ingame different weather. Cloud layer vanished when climbing above. Active Sky in SMP depiction mode, RWC in external injector mode. Edit: Upon further investigation, the cloud layer should have not been there in the first place, Active sky reported scattered clouds. In the root x-plane directory there was an additional, older MAXX_metar.rwx file (don't know where that came from). Deleting it i get the proper weather in game. With the latest version 4.9.4 in combination with Active Sky + RWC, i have the problem that
  16. Just in case anyone is interested, there is a new Beta version of Active Sky XP with better integration with SkyMAXX Pro+Real Weather Connector Copied from their Forum: ASXP Open Beta 7467 Posted on June 12, 2020 by admin Active Sky XP B7467 has been posted as an OPEN BETA for those who wish to participate. This resolves some issues and adds new compatibility and integration with some other add-ons. Visit our downloads page to download. Changelog: Update 061120 – June 11, 2020 Fix for traffic add-on/TCAS usage causing crash in as_xconnect module related to recent X-Pl
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