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  1. I've read this one. Only thing I didn't check is the hydraulic. I'll check tomorrow.
  2. Hi, When I use the new 'click & hold' function for speed dialing the DH, I get a negative value. I think it''s because of this: - with single clicks, the value works 'clockwise' - if the icon shows right turns, the DH goes up, if the icon showa left turns (anti-clockwise), the DH goes down till '0'. - with the click+hold, it does nothing if the icon show anti-clockwise (left), and decreases the DH if the icon shows clockwise turns. The decreasing goes even below the '0' and becomes negative.
  3. That's correct, as I mentioned, I tried with both options
  4. Hi, As I understand the LES SAAB has a different operation of the nosewheel than most implementations. I cannot get it to work unfortunately. This is what I did: - I assigned the default X-Plane nosewheel tiller to my Hotas (like I always do). I did not see a specific LES setting to assign. - I pushed the tiller in the cockpit down - this should activate the nose wheel steering As the plane moves forward, the nose hweel does not respond to the manipulator. I tried this both with the setting 'Use Tille' on and off. Based on the various information sources I'd expect t
  5. Hi, Since vs 1.6 I cannot start the right engine anymore. What I do: - both condition levers to start and power levers to Grnd Idle; - start switch to left - Left engine starts like a charm; - reset left generator and switch it on and wait till it comes online; - if applicable I disconnect grnd power - I verify that the right battery has enough power - I switch the starter to right..... and nothing happens, while it did in the previous version. I cannot find any changes in the logic. So am I making a mistake? Autostart does work. So, please advise! Ki
  6. I had a similar issue in the past using Live Traffic. It appeared that it was related to the number of sceneries I had installed. So now I use X-Organiser to only load the continent I'm flying in. So, you could test it by deactivating all your sceneries and check if it solves the issue. And than adding the sceneries again.
  7. TMV45

    Brake power?

    @Goran_M I use a LUA mod for differential breaking, linked to my pedals. It works like a charm with other planes. Also with the TBM it works fine with respect to the directional control. The script allows for beaking pressure depending on the amount of pressure exercised on the pedals. The only thing is that it does not work with the parkingbrake of the TBM. The default left/right brake of XP11 does work, but that doesn't allow for the differential breaking the lua MOD does.
  8. TMV45

    Brake power?

    Hi, With the previous and the current release, after the start with the power at the taxi gate, the park break does not seem to work for me. What I do is: - start the engine with the wheel chocks on; - If the parking break is on, Is take it off, press the toe brake and apply the parking break (as per manual) - I take the wheel chocks off The plane starts immediately to move forward slowly. Toe breaks stop the plane, but the parking break do not. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Hi, I found the cause of the issue. I have a lot of custom airports installed. Many of them use the GroundTraffic plugin. All these dll's are loaded whether you are flying close to that airport or not. With that many dll's loaded, loading the plane becomes an issue as apparently the number of dll's to be loaded on Win10 is limited. Other planes just loaded inproperly, only the TBM caused XP to crash. With the other planes I was able to find the sasl error message. My solution is to use xOrganizer to load only the region I'm flying in, thus limiting the number of scenery plu
  10. Hi, I recently started using RXP (with other planes than the TBM). However, if the RXP plugin is loaded, and I switch to the TBM, my XP install crashes. It is the only plane it happens with. I included the logfile of a clean start of XP with the TBM so anybody could give me a suggestion. Thanks in advance. Regards, Taco Log - TBM crash with RXP plugin loaded .txt
  11. Hello, I've an issue with the starting cycle. Whenever I load the TBM, I get an initial hot start the first try I go through the starting procedure. Even when the ITT is below 0 at the start. I've the screen warnings on that give me the warning and I had regular fires. However, when I do the motoring procedure with the subsequent start, it usually starts correctly. So, aparently I'm doing something wrong even though I do follow the checklist and documentation. Who has the pro tip?
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