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  1. When I descend through a overcast layer into fog the clouds disappear the visibility improves and then the fog snaps in. 1886294421_TBM900-2021-01-2312_17_38.avi
  2. The billboard issue seems to be fixed after a restart but I can still see through an undercast
  3. Yup my "volumetric" clouds are just billboards too you can see them clipping into the ground and rotating as you go past.
  4. I just bought SkyMaxx Pro and real weather connector as a performance friendly alternative to xE. The volumetric clouds are completely invisible at night and all other clouds are easy to see through to the ground. Draw distance for me is horrible maybe 20-30nm even with the sliders all the way up. I also purchased real weather connector at the same time and I feel like I just threw $60 away as I had much better results with default wx and a few .lua scripts.
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