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  1. Hey might not be skymaxx issue but i cant see landing lights when flying through clouds. Now i use master pc and slave for visual, they are networked. Skymaxx is on a slave pc only, it gets all the weather etc from master and it works fine, however only thing i dont see is landing lights in the cloud, they are fine on the ground. I do see the lights when i pause the sim, then when i resume they are gone again. Not using volumetric clouds either. any idea why it would not show? Is some data being overwritten? Not sure how it works so hard to troubleshoot. On standalone pc it seems to work fine. thanks
  2. Hey I have noticed for a while that I am unable to set low visibility. Example would be ILS landing, low clouds at 200feet etc.. If I don't use Maxx and just use default xplane weather it looks fine, but when I install Maxx back in again clouds are not low enough.. Whatever I do I can't get them low enough or dense enough. Is this like that for everyone? It doesn't matter if I use ASXP or not still the same issue. I do use RWC as well. If anyone can post some advice or settings I should try that would be good. Other than that all looks great but I can't setup ILS low visibility approach. Thanks Krys
  3. Same for me lines etc.. I reverted to other clouds for now...
  4. Yes but I have 4 PC's, master is used to send visuals and it has ASXP. SMP is installed on the visuals which works fine, I did noticed that when i installed on visuals 5.03 version they all had RWC setup already (I did activate it on one of the visuals) Will that work that way? Or does RWC needs to be on master to send visuals to external display machines...
  5. Is it not enough to just disable XPRealistic?
  6. Those lines on the ground shows with non-volumeric clouds. Those are with default. I have connector but for me to use it i would need another licence of skymaxx as i have already got it on 3pc's. master would need to have skymaxx installed and i don't want to overload master pc with not necessary plugins. It's just the way my setup works. If i could use RWC without having skymaxx on the same pc then that would work better. I understand I would need RWC on master PC - the same that runs ASXP?
  7. Low visibility when using default clouds on the ground. (Not columetric) Weird lines in the volumetric clouds had none of those issues with v4, might have to go back to previous version. No orher settings have been changed
  8. I have the same issues with volumetric, lots of lines when flying through clouds... kills immersion. Also noticed now on other clouds in low visibility i have straight edge lines on the ground at least when using default xplane weather...
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