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  1. Hi @K4bel123 you are welcome, and also thank you for your solution. Happy to hear that X-Plane.prf is the only file that need to be deleted.
  2. Hi, thank you for your feedback. Now I'm able to show the HUD correctly (even though with Visual Effects at Medium settings, no HDR). Below is what I did, however I don't know if it was the root cause, but it works. delete Output/preferences folder, to get x-plane default settings, and build my settings again from the beginning delete Output/shadercache folder, to make x-plane compiles the cache again My latest graphics settings with the working HUD. Regards,
  3. Hi thanks for your reply. The issue still there, here is my past actions to try to remedy the issue (no effect): reinstall the challenger using installer from XA minimize the installed plugins set different graphic settings X-Plane in windowed and full screen mode load into different airports and sceneries update my linux box to the latest updates I cannot try to load in Windows OS as don't have Windows. I can provide more information and logs, if the developers or community require it, to help troubleshoot the issue. Thank you and regards
  4. Hi, I am having HUD display issue, as depicted in the screenshot below. The HUD looks like its separated into two display layers. Here is my graphics settings. And here is my log.txt Log.txt I am using Xplane on Linux, with nvidia driver.
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