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  1. Log attached. The only extra plugin that I have is the one for DataRefs; I tried disabling that but the problem persists. No other "weird settings" or custom scenery; it's a stock-standard X-Plane install - no additional scenery - and only 1 other aircraft in addition to the TBM. TBM900_Log.txt
  2. Someone? Anyone? Things seem to have got very quiet around here since the Challenger 650 was released; No more support for the TBM 900?
  3. Per the title; I can drag the mask onto the face outlline, but as soon as I release the mouse button it just snaps back to it's overhead holder. It used to work (but possibly this was a previous version). Any ideas anyone?
  4. For what it's worth, I've long since had an issue where the throttle pops across to flight idle all by itself when moving from low idle to high idle -- and that's under Windows 10.
  5. I had a couple go in quick succession; the first was after I selected reverse pitch whilst still in the flare - the 2nd a short time later was my first flight with the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle quadrant. Not sure if the 2nd was related or just coincidence. Might just pay to ensure that accelerated wear model is turned off and see how it goes -- might just be a coincidence?
  6. I had the engine shut down mid flight once (was at 100.2% NG off memory). Never really got to the bottom of it, but it did draw my attention to a number of areas that I didn't know about: 1. Make sure that the accelerated wear model isn't ticked in the maintenance manager. 2. Personally, I check the maintenance manager after every flight -- might pay to zero out everything at the first sign of wear (it's not like it'll cost us real dollars). 3. Ensure that X-Plane isn't set to throw in random failures. Personally, I never really change the sim speed; instead, I just leave the AP on and set a timer on my watch set to for the next event (usually TOD). For me the model has been very reliable, but I have had a few "funnies"; the engine shutting off that day was one. Chocks reappearing quite often is another. Throttle transitioning from high idle to normal operation with only low idle to high idle has been commanded (this improved (but wasn't eliminated) after I had to completely reload my PC from scratch after an issue) - and new "doosy" whereby I'll try to change the FLC speed with the mouse and it keeps changing the altitude selected instead. Few others that might (but I don't think so) be finger trouble that are AP related. I've just learned to live with them; most are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things ... just too time consuming to try and track them down (keeping in mind too that I don't have any addons installed). Just the nature of the beast IMHO; hellishly complex pieces of software that are only 99.9999% perfect.
  7. I'm using the Honeycomb Configurator to create 3 press events for when I press the PTT switch on the yoke, using the following commands: sim/annunciator/clear_master_caution sim/annunciator/clear_master_warning sim/flight_controls/brakes_max Unfortunately, none work. I've done the following fault finding: 1. Tested other commands attached to events for that switch with a stock XP11 aircraft. They work as expected. 2. Tested "native TBM-900 commands" (eg tbm900/actuators/fuel/aux_bp_up) and they work fine. 3. Ensured that nothing is bound to that switch in X-Plane settings. So on the face of it it's looking like the only time it doesn't work is when I'm trying to issue non-native commands to the TBM-900. The only possible thing that I can think of is that the documentation in the ...\TBM-900\documentation folder is outdated and that the TBM-900 model is using it's own undocumented commands for the 3 actions I desire. Any thoughts anyone?
  8. Sorted. I had an extra "," in the profile which was rendering that section of code inop. For what it's worth, the Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant is a fantastic piece of kit for the TBM 900; I've never enjoyed flying it as much as I have the last couple of days since I got the new hardware. Highly recommended. I also now have a great profile for it if anyone needs one (attached) (although it still needs a lot of XP control associations). TBM900.json
  9. Thanks for that - much appreciated. Looks like the APR light is working just fine in the test - so the only remaining question is "why doesn't it work in the sim"? - As far as I can tell the DataRef is correctly specified (per the above example) - I can confirm that that variable does change when APR mode is delected ... just no light comes on. Odd.
  10. Thanks. In the latest version of the configurator that doesn't seem possible; the only place one can type is in the search field -- and when they don't appear, there's nothing that can be subsequently clicked on to select it. I have got a work-around working though; I've located the relevant config file and edited it in Notepad. I just have 1 remaining issue now; I can't for the life of me get the approach light to come on. When I press the APR button both the APR and NAV lights should come on - but only the NAV one does; at this point I'm wondering if it's something as simple as a faulty LED. Here's the code in case anyone can spot something obvious: { "ByteIndex": 1, "BitIndex": 1, "ConditionLogic": "", "Conditions": [ { "Condition": "tbm900/lights/ap/nav", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": false } ] }, { "ByteIndex": 1, "BitIndex": 2, "ConditionLogic": "", "Conditions": [ { "Condition": "tbm900/lights/ap/apr", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": false } ] },
  11. Thanks for that. The plot thickens; I can see from your excellent source that what I need is tbm900/lights/ap/nav ... usng the dataref tool I can see that this variable works great ... the only problem is that non of the tbm900 DataRefs appear in the list using the Honeycomb Configurator. Any ideas as to what I need to do to get them to appear?
  12. Hi Folks, I recently purchased a Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant for use with the TBM 900. I've got most of it sorted, but I'm stuck on a couple of things; If I press the HDG, APR, or NAV buttons, the autopilot correctly changes to the requested mode (as verified by the annunciators on my monitor). However, only the HDG button lights up when pressed. The other two buttons work just fine, but they don't light up to say that they're active on the TQ. I'm very much a newbie with the Honeycomb configurator; but I can see the variable that HDG mode monitors, but I can't for the life of me find the equivalents for APR and NAV modes (mostly just NAV mode I want - I don't ever use APR mode). I've even gone as far as installing and running the DataRefTool - and I still can't see anything that's changing - and yet the annunciator on the monitor is presumably getting the info from somewhere. Can someone please give me a heads up here. Many thanks.
  13. Thanks. I guess it is what it is; I'm just surprised that it's not possible (apparantly) to have maximum braking effort assigned to a momentary switch in such a way as it applies max braking when I push it and releases the brakes when I release it - without applying the parking brake control. It just seems all kinds of wrong.
  14. That doesn't make any sense. IRL if I'm trying to stop an aircraft in a hurry I'll sure as heck be working the toe brakes hard - but I certainly won't be using the parking brake.
  15. On my Honeycomb Alpha flight yoke when I assign Hold Brakes Regular to button 3 it works as expected - but if I assign Hold Brakes Maximum to button 3 then it sets the parking brake instead. Anyone else having this issue? Bug?
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