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  1. Another option - perhaps just add the maintenance manager to the menu system much the same as we can use for getting to the additional info for ECS / gear / engine etc - and then have a checkbox that hides it all the time when the aircraft isn't moving? Can't say it bothers me, but would seem like something pretty easy to impliment.
  2. Good to know that I wasn't the only one!
  3. Thanks for all that you and your team do Cameron - I appreciate it.
  4. If you ever win Lotto, check these out ... I'm still drooling ... https://slawdevice.com/en/
  5. At the risk of starting a flame war, my 40 years of experience as an IT guy taught me that in terms of reliability & compatability, AMD's "walk" never seemed to quite match it's "talk". Personally, I run X-Plane on an Intel 10700K (not overclocked) on a Gigabyte Aorus MoBo with 64GB RAM - no plugins - and ... everything just works (with the exception of the occasional glitch). Take that as you see fit.
  6. As an "aside", I suspect that P-Factor would make the aircraft a nightmare on takeoff for people like me who fly with a yoke but no pedals (thus have no rudder control). For what it's worth, I started my TBM simming with the 930 in MSFS 2020 and found it to be a worthless piece of cr^p (I since uninstalled the entire product) - so many many things that just don't work right (if at all). If you want a "pretty game" then I guess it's fine, but if you're wanting an accurate simulation then they're as different as chauk and cheese.
  7. At the end of the day it's a simulator; so it should simulate. If you leave something a certain way in a real aircraft then guess how it'll be the next time someone returns to the aircraft? It's doing what it should do -- and it's one of the features I like.
  8. For what it's worth, over the past week or so I've flown the TBM from Nelson, New Zealand to Tahiti to Honolulu to Los Angeles to Montreal to Goose Bay to Greenland. Most of those legs are 2000 nautical miles plus - and took 10 hours plus. No issues.
  9. You might like to check that you don't have the random failures feature of X-Plane turned on. Load the model and then click on Flight -> Edit Failures. Start by clicking the "Fix All Systems" button.
  10. I've seen this issue too. For what it's worth, all you need to do is rotate the small knob one way (I think I roll the mouse wheel up) - and it takes you to the list of stored flight plans. So not quite 100%, but still quite usable (I use it all the time).
  11. For what it's worth, I flew the beta last night and the rain effects looked great (RTX 3080 based system, no addons). Also for what it's worth, I have mixed experiences with NaviGraph; I've had some great support on a couple of issues but was very surprised to discover that their Navigraph Charts product doesn't include altimetry for enroute phases which is "kinda important" for IFR flight planning.
  12. I'm no expert, but I would suspect that that would cause an issue. I can only see a limited number of practical options (the phrase "you're telling me what we need but I'm telling you what we have" from the Apollo 13 movie comes to mind). 1. Find a way to make what you have give the model what it needs 2. Use hardware that's compatible with the model 3. Fly a different model that's a better fit with your hardware Not seeing a "magic wand" option here unfortunately.
  13. To be honest, my issues have mostly been "own goals" (with a few exceptions). One thing that some other kind folks helped me discover is what's under the Flight -> Edit Failures Menu; if you haven't already, you might like to see if random failures have been programmed and/or just hit "fix all systems". I'd be interested to hear if this is the source of any of your problems.
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